API integration

Earn money by direct system connection

What is an API integration?

API integration is suitable for online travel search engines, online travel agencies and metasearch systems. It is a dynamic interconnection of systems at the level of programming, ie. the connection is provided by the partner's development team.

What are the individual steps of the integration?

  1. We will agree on specific contractual and marketing conditions and the extent of API integration.
  2. After administrative tasks, you will gain access to the Leo Express documentation API and access to the Leo Express integration API.
  3. Your development team will connect the systems based on the API documentation and API interface according to the agreed contractual conditions.
  4.  Once the integration is completed, you will have access to the production API and the API integration is hereby done.
  5.  The settlement of the agreed commission from the tickets sale to your bank account takes place every month within 10 days, always for the previous calendar month.
What are the individual steps of the integration?

How to became a API partner?

Are you interested in cooperation through API integration? Feel free to contact us. We will set the exact parameters of cooperation, advise you and definitely come up with something extra!

Advantages of the API integration

  • Commission growth based on sales

  • Leo credits for traveling on our connections

  • Simple administration and sales statistics

  • Individual support and consultation

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