Our hygiene standards

Health and safety are our highest priority

Due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, we ask you to wear masks, respirators, scarves or to cover your mouth and nose in a similar way when traveling on Leo Express trains. Our on-board staff will also wear a mask on the trains. This measure is valid from 1. 9. 2020 until further notice.

New measures on board

We will do everything to make you feel safe on board.

  • Automatic disinfection dispensers at the door

  • special antibacterial layer on printed materials

  • stickers to facilitate orientation on trains and reduce unnecessary movement

  • free FFP2-class respirator for seniors over 65

Free masks and respirators on all our connections

On request, we offer passengers free disposable masks on all of our commercial connections. And if you're a senior over 65, you'll get a FFP2 respirator from us.😷 This is another way we try to help protect passengers and employees.

Free masks and respirators on all our connections

Safe travel with Leo Express


Disinfectants at the toilets are available for passengers on board. At the same time, an information poster with the correct procedure for washing hands is placed on the toilets, and other information posters are placed in the interior of the train. At the same time, we are adding products to improve personal hygiene to our range of product.

Contactless payments and the purchase of catering

As a part of our above-standard hygienic measures on board, we prefer payments for catering with a payment card or leo credits. All items from our on-board menu, which are always packaged, are already available.

Thorough cleaning before each ride

Leo Express trains are disinfected several times a day, always before the arrival of new passengers. Five times a week a deep cleaning of trains takes place. We also have ozone available to treat the units, which destroys all germs.

Protection of our staff

On-board staff have the above-standard amount of disinfectants at their disposal. We have also provided them with vitamins to strengthen their immunity, surgical gloves are already placed on trains and buses, and operating staff always have their mouths and noses covered.

Protection of our staff

We help the needy 🧡

At Leo Express, we believe that every mask counts. That is why we donated 5,000 masks to the Na Bulovce Hospital. Thank you to all the medics for their commitment! We believe that together we will manage the whole situation and we will get back to full operation as soon as possible. 🛤️💪

We help the needy 🧡