Frequently asked questions

75% discount for children, students and seniors

For whom does the 75% discount apply?

For children up to and including 17 years of age, pupils and students up to and including 25 years of age and seniors over 65 years and holders of czech ZTP and ZTP/P card in trains and buses on the territory of the Czech Republic in Economy class.

Are the discounts valid only for Czech citizens?

The new 75% discounts are valid for all EU citizens, but only in the Czech Republic.

Is it necessary to prove myself with some card?

We provide the discount for holders of an orange student card (for any route, not just for rides between home and school) and holders of a valid ISIC card.

Children under the age of 15 (Tariff Children / Youth 6-17 years) no longer show their identity card.

Children over 15 years of age (Tariff Children / Youth 6-17 years) prove themselves by one of the following cards: ID card, passport, driving license, ISIC, orange card

Students (Tariff Student 18-25 years) prove themselves by one of the following cards: orange student card, ISIC (under 25), ISIC Scholar

Any proof of identity is sufficient for seniors over 65 years of age.

Does the 75% discount apply to all means of transport?

Discounts can be applied on all our trains and buses Leo Express in the Czech Republic. On the minibuses, unfortunately the discount does not apply.

Is the 25% cashback somehow limited?

If you qualify for a 25% cashback, then this cashback is valid always and everywhere, that is, for the entire trip without any restrictions on the country and the means of transport. This is a time-limited offer. Cashback is paid in bonus leo credits, valid for one year from the date of crediting.

How is the cashback percentage calculated?

The percentage of the cashback in leo credits is calculated from the full price, that means before the discount (but after using the voucher).

Will the cashback be credited when I buy without registration?

For cashback in leo credits, prior registration in Smile Club is required (can be created during the purchase). Cashback is credited only after ride with the ticket has happened.

Do these discounts apply to partner carriers?

Yes, the discounts apply to partner carriers.

Can I apply the 75 % in classes Business and Premium?

Unfortunately not. These discount apply only to the Economy class. An exception is a child to 6 years who travels with a 100% discount in all classes.

Can I claim the student discount 75 % with cards ITIC, IYTC, ALIVE, Staff Card, ESNcard?

Unfortunately not. If you are a holder of these cards, please choose the tariff "Student, teacher", which you get 25 % of the full ticket price back in leo credits for next rides with. The condition is a membership in our loyalty club Smile Club.

I have an ISIC card, but I am more than 26 years old, can I claim a discount?

If you are more than 26 years old and have an ISIC card, please choose the tariff "Student, teacher" and you can claim 25% cashback from every ticket, if you are a member of our loyalty program Smile Club.

I travel abroad from the Czech Republic, can I apply the 75% discount?

Yes, choose your standard tariff and our system will count the final discount with use of the 75% discount to the state border. If your route leads from 50 % in the Czech Republic and from 50 % abroad, you will get the final discount 75 % x 50 % = 37,5 %.


Where you can buy your ticket?

  1. On the Internet
    1. You can simply buy your ticket on website. You do not need to print out your ticket. Just show your seat number and the PDF ticket in e-mail. Pay simply with your credit card, via the payment gateway, or with leo credits.
  2. At Leo Express ticket offices
    1. You can visit our ticket offices located in Prague Main Station, Olomouc Main Station, and Ostrava-Svinov Station.
  3. At contractual dealers
    1. Do you need a ticket and there is no ticket office in your town? You can use our contracted dealers network.
  4. Via phone
    1. Just call 220 311 700 and our operators will guide you through the purchase process. Please make sure you have your credit card number ready. The card must be activated for the payment via the Internet.
  5. Combined payment
    1. Do you want to pay for the ticket with leo credits but you don’t have enough of them? Pay the remaining amount by card! It is only possible to cancel the ticket into leo credits when using the combined payment.
  6. Directly on the train or bus
    1. Occasionally, you will not be able to buy a ticket in any way. We offer you the possibility to get a ticket on board a train with a surcharge of 50 CZK. The only exception is holders of ZTP or ZTP / P in the Czech Republic who do not pay this fee. The surcharge does not apply to buses.

Can I change my ticket after purchase?

Unfortunately, tickets cannot be changed or modified once bought. However, you can cancel your ticket until the regular departure of the respective transport link and then buy a new one. For any further questions contact our Customer Support.

How can I cancel a ticket?

Every ticket includes a ticket code and cancellation code that you can enter into the Ticket Cancellation Form.

You can also cancel your ticket comfortably in the Smile Club. You just log on and choose one of your active tickets. We return your money to you in leo credits. For the leo credits return is free of charge. It is only possible to cancel the ticket into leo credits when using the combined payment.

Can a ticket be booked and paid for later?

Unfortunately, this is not possible; once booked a ticket must be paid for immediately.

If you book and pay for a ticket, you can cancel it until the respective train departure time. We will refund its value in full to you. 

I didn't received the purchased ticket to my e-mail

If you paid a ticket and it did not come within one hour to your email, we recommend that you check the Junk Mail or Gmail Promotion box. If you cannot find your ticket, contact us at [email protected] and our colleagues will solve your situation.

Is it possible to combine leo credits and a credit card when paying a ticket?

Yes, it is. This payment method is displayed if you have at least one leo credit at your account and you don’t have enough of them to pay the whole order at the same time.

The system will show you how many remaining leo credits you have on your account and how much you have to pay by card in addition. If you have enough leo credits to pay the order, the possibility of the combined payment is not available. Only the payment with leo credits will be displayed. 

It is only possible to cancel the ticket into leo credits when using the combined payment. The combined payment cannot be used together with the payment method Twisto. The combined method is only available to the registered users.

Can I cancel the promo ticket?

Yes, the promo ticket can be canceled under normal conditions.

What is a promo ticket?

A promo ticket is a low-priced ticket that is available when purchasing early enough and at the same time for connections that are not so busy. The promo ticket is only available on the tariff Adult in the Economy class and no additional discounts can be applied.

Is it possible to use the Interrail and Eurail tickets in your trains?

Yes, Interrail and Eurail Pass tickets can be used in all our trains and entitle you to a 100% discount. You must always make a reservation on our website or at one of our cash desks, we need your name and surname and the Interrail / Eurail ticket number, you must submit the Pass and your ID during the control of your tickets. The Interrail and Eurail tickets do not apply for our buses and minibuses.

For which classes does my Interrail/Eurail ticket apply?

With the Interrail/Eurail Pass for the 2nd vehicle class you can travel in the Economy Class, the Pass for 1st class entitles you to travel in the Business Class.


Can dogs or cats be transported?

Of course, we will be pleased to accept your pets on all Leo Express links. However, you have to adhere to several rules.

Your pet must be transported in a portable cage, basket or another suitable carrier with a fixed solid bottom. The carrier size must not exceed 40 x 50 x 50 cm. Unfortunately, if your pet cannot be accommodated in a carried with this size, it cannot be accepted for transport. There is the exception from this rule applying to assistant dogs.

Is it possible to transport large luggages / baby-carriages / bicycles / skis / snowboards?

Yes, we accept for transport all items mentioned above. You can find details on the Ski and Snowboard Transport websites. 

Can bicycles be accepted for transport in minibuses?

Unfortunately, this service is not available in our minibuses so far. 

If I add a bicycle when purchasing, only sold out links are displayed

If you cannot book a link after adding your bicycle, it means that all storage space for bicycles on that particular link have already been sold out.

If you are planning a bicycle trip, the best way is to buy your ticket in a sufficient advance. It will be cheaper and you will be able to cancel your ticket comfortably at any time.

Delays and Complaints

How can I find out about a delay?

There are many ways to find out about a delay. You can see it in connection details in the search results, or in your account after logging in. If you gave us your phone number when you booked the ticket, we will send you a text in the event of a longer delay.

Do successive buses wait also for delayed trains?

Yes, buses will wait until all passengers transfer safely from a train. The only exception applies to very long delays. In such a case, the bus cannot wait. However, we will offer you a substitute transportation for free, if available, and, eventually, we will recommend you another transportation alternative.

Will I qualify for a compensation in case of delay or cancellation?

Absolutely. If the delay exceeds 60 minutes, we will return you a part of the fare. No matter the delay is our fault or not.

If a link is cancelled, we will return you the whole fare plus 50 % in leo credits.

How to apply for compensation

You can purchase the municipal public transport tickets on the train

You can purchase tickets at our stewards. Available are the Prague and Olomouc MPT tickets.

More detailed information and tickets offered

Can I send a complaint or praise for a steward?

Did you face a problem during your travel, or, quite contrary, you were very satisfied with it and you would like to share your experience with us? Your comments and suggestions help us improve the quality of our services. Just write to us via e-mail at [email protected].

Smile Club

Registration and membership are free of charge

Will I receive a bonus for registering?

Now you fall into the Orange level with a cashback of 2,5 % right after registration. According to the money you spend, your customer discount (amount of reward) increases. In administration you can manage tickets and moreover, you will get free water during every ride.

More about Smile Club >

What is cashback?

Cashback is the part of the ticket price that we will return to your Smile Club account in the form of leo credits after the ride. The condition is prior registration in the Smile Club loyalty program.

One leo credit is one Czech crown / What is leo credit?

Leo credits are our internal currency, with which you can buy tickets and catering even faster than when paying by card or via payment gateway. One leo credit is one Czech crown. A simple rate applies: 1 leo credit is 1 CZK, 1 € = 25 leo credits and 1 zl = 5.8 leo credits.

We also pay cashback for traveled tickets or compensation for delays in leo credits.

Sign up to Smile Club to pay with leo credits >

What are the bonus leo credits?

Bonus leo credits are divided into two types:

* Bonus leo credits - Bonus leo credits are all credits that you do not charge yourself. If you see them in your account, these are probably rewards for the tickets you have traveled or requested compensation for the delay of our trains or buses. No cashback from cashback is possible from this type of leo credit.

* Tariff leo credits - leo credits that are calculated for the customer based on the tariffs Junior 6-17 years, Student 18-25 years and Senior over 65 years. Cashback from cashback is possible from these tariff bonus leo credits.

Both types of bonus leo credits are valid for 1 year since the last crediting. This means that each credit of bonus leo credits will have its own expiration date. If you have 100 bonus leo credits that we credited to you yesterday, for example, they will be valid exactly 365 days from the date of crediting to your Smile Club account. For example, if you get an additional 20 bonus leo credits today, then these 20 leo credits will expire exactly 365 days after crediting. You can also prolong their validity by purchasing a ticket and using it. In this case, you will postpone their expiration by one year.

What is the Smile Card for?

Smile Club card was used to pay with leo credits at Leo Express ticket offices. Today we do not issue it, for payment with leo credits just say your name or e-mail with the PIN code to Smile Club account, which you can view and possibly change in your account settings. If you have a Smile Club card, you can continue to use it.

Do I get cashback for purchased catering?

Yes, you will receive cashback for purchasing catering when paying in cash, by credit card or with standard leo credit. In case of payment by standard and bonus leo credit, cashback is calculated only from standard leo credit.

Does my total spend remain forever?

Your spend is always valid 365 days from the date of the individual spend; for example: Today I buy tickets for 1000 CZK, they will be added to my total spend of 1000 CZK, and after 365 days, my spend is deducted from my total spend.

Where do I find the terms and conditions of the loyalty program Smile Club?

The terms and conditions of the Smile Club loyalty programme can be found in the section Smile Club in the main menu at the website and also at this link.

How did you change the rewarding?

Now you will not collect mileage, but the level of loyalty category is calculated according to real money spent on tickets, catering and recharging leo credit. The rewards are divided into 4 levels - Orange, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Immediately after registration you will be classified in the first level with a reward of 2.5%. Each additional level increases your reward by 2.5% to the final 10% in the level Gold.

How do I pay for catering with leo credit on train?

Payment with the leo credit for refreshments must be announced in advance to the board staff. You will be prompted to confirm your leo credit payment by entering your PIN into the steward's phone. The amount will then be deducted from your Smile Club account.

    Is is possible to buy a ticket with leo credits on train or bus?

    At the moment, this payment is not possible on board of our connections. However, you can buy the ticket using our mobile app, in advance at or at our ticket offices.

    What leo credits can I use to pay for catering?

    You can pay for catering using all types of leo credit.

    How do I turn off system emails after catering payment / information about cashback acquired?

    You can turn off system e-mails after login into your Smile Club account in the section My account → Information service.

    Do I need a Smile Club card to pay for catering and tickets?

    No. All you need to know is your e-mail address and your PIN to confirm every payment with leo credits at our ticket offices or on board of our connections.

    Does catering count into the total spending to get higher rewards in Smile Club?

    Yes, if you pay by cash or credit card. Catering paid by leo credits does not count towards the total spend.

    What cashback do I get after traveling with a ticket in tariff Children and youth 6-17, Students 18-25, Senior, Student/Teacher or ZTP/ŤZP?

    Cashback after using the ticket is 25 % of the ticket price. For example: You are at the Silver level with a 7.5% reward and travel in the tariff Children and youth 6-17, Students 18-25, Senior, Student/Teacher or ZTP / ZZ tariff. Cashbacks do not add up, in this case you will get the higher of cashbacks, that means 25% after using the ticket. Cashback from the current Smile Club level and cashback from the selected tariff are not included in the total spend.

    What are the loyalty levels and what is their cashback?

    There are still 4 loyalty levels. Newbie level changes to Orange, Traveler level changes to Bronze, Globetrotter level changes to Silver and King of Railroads changes to Gold.

    Cashback levels:

    • Orange - 2,5 % (spend 0 - 999 Kč) → (0 - 39 €) → (0 - 172 zl)
    • Bronze - 5 % (spend 1 000 - 2 999 Kč) → (40 - 119 €) → (173 - 517 zl)
    • Silver - 7,5 % (spend 3 000 - 9 999 Kč) → (120 - 399 €) → (518 - 1 723 zl)
    • Gold - 10 % (spend 10 000 and more Kč) → (400 and more €) → (1 724 and more zl)

    Is it possible to get leo credits back to my bank account?

    No, it is not possible.

    Ticket cancellation

    Cancellation of tickets purchased in Smile Club is possible only to leo credits.

    How do I pay for tickets with leo credits at our ticket offices?

    To buy a ticket with leo credits at our ticket offices you need to know your email account connected to you Smile Club account and a PIN code for your Smile Club account. Every payment with leo credits is confirmed by a PIN code at the ticket office.

    You can find out what then PIN is and how to view or change it in the ACCOUNT SECURITY section.

    Can I pay for catering by combined payment?

    Yes, combined payment for catering is possible, that means partial payment by leo credit and balance payment in cash or by credit card.

    What are the leo credits types?

    Smile Club has 2 types of leo credits, standard and bonus. Standard leo credits are credits that you recharge / purchase using standard payment methods. Standard leo credits are valid for 3 years from earning them. Bonus leo credits are credits that you earn in the form of a cashback or as a compensation for a delayed connection. Bonus leo credits are valid for 1 year (365 days) from their earning.

    Account security

    What is PIN?

    The PIN is a four-digit numeric code used as a verification method when paying with by leo credits for tickets at our ticket offices or when paying by leo credits for snacks on our connections. PIN is linked to your email and you get it together with creating a Smile Club account.

    Where can I find my PIN and how to display it?

    You can find your PIN by logging into your Smile Club account in section My Account → Account Settings → Security. The PIN can be displayed by clicking on the “Show PIN” button. The system will prompt you to relog into your account for more security.

    How to change my PIN?

    You can change the PIN by logging into your Smile Club account under My Account → Account Settings → Security. After filling in the new code and confirming the change, the system will ask you to log back into your account for more security. Confirmation of successful change of your PIN code will be sent to you by email.

    My PIN doesn't work

    You may be using a PIN that was linked to your Smile Card. As part of the unification of services, the new PIN is linked to your email, so it was necessary to generate a new number combination, but you can easily view or change it in your account settings.

    General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

    For what purpose will my personal data be processed?

    We will process your personal data for the purpose of providing travel services, that means for the purpose of booking tickets and additional services.

    How and when can I revoke the consent to processing of personal data?

    Your voluntary consent to the processing of your personal data may be revoked at any time free of charge by sending an email to: [email protected] or by requesting to deactivate the account and delete personal information in your Smile Club account (at and the Leo Express mobile application). By revocation of consent is not influenced the lawfulness of processing based on consent prior during the time before revocation of consent. Revocation of consent also has no effect on the processing of personal data processed on the basis of a legal basis other than consent (that means in particular, if the processing is necessary to fulfill the contract, legal obligation or for other reasons stated in the applicable legislation).

    Where do I find all the information regarding Personal data protection (GDPR)?

    Why, how and what data we process in Leo Express can be found at


    What is the composition of Cookies?

    The composition does not fit on the product packaging. The composition is as follows:
    WHEAT flour (with calcium, iron, niacin and thiamin), white chocolate 11% (sugar, cocoa butter, dried whole MILK, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), natural vanilla flavor), dark chocolate 11% (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, whey powder (MILK), emulsifier (SOYA LECITHIN), natural vanilla flavor), milk chocolate 11% (sugar, dried whole MILK, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), natural vanilla flavor), soft light brown sugar (sugar, canola molasses), sugar, butter (MILK), vegetable oils (palm oil, rapeseed), cocoa powder with a reduced fat content of 3%, invert sugar syrup, dried egg, bulking agents (sodium bicarbonate, sodium pyrophosphate), skimmed-MILK powder, emulsifier (E471) stabilizer (xanthan gum), natural flavor.

    What is our current EUR/PLN and EUR/CZK exchange rate?

    The conversion rate for the ticket price from EUR to PLN is set to 1 EUR / 4PLN for the period from 1st October 2017 to the appeal.

    The conversion rate dor the ticket price on board from EUR to CZK is set to 1 EUR / 24 CZK for the period from November 2017 to the appeal.