We are excited for the year 2021

We wish you good health and lots of happy kilometres.

Dear customers,

the end of the year which has been a real challenge for all of us is approaching. We would therefore like to thank you for your support, which we value very much. Your support, positive messages and smiles (even under masks) give us the strength to continue in what we do. Thank you for keeping your fingers crossed for us!

We were not afraid of the difficult situation and the measures associated with it and tried to adapt to the covid-time as much as possible. Literally overnight, we have introduced above-standard hygiene measures on board, thanks to which no one has to be afraid to travel. Free masks are available on board, we thoroughly disinfect trains with ozone, we have also installed automatic disinfection dispensers or directional stickers for easier orientation on the train. We have provided the printed matters with a special antimicrobial layer so that you can leaf through them without any worries. And because we are all in this together, we decided to donate protective equipment to hospitals and the rescue system.

Together we also managed to do several interesting projects. In the spring, we launched the compensation for the carbon footprint of your trip and we were amazed how many of you regularly use this option. Thanks to that, we planted the first 40 trees using the money from your contributions in the autumn and helped the nature. We are planning further plantings for next year and we would like to involve you, our passengers, in the whole process.

There were also your favorite leo credits sales this year, which we supplemented with interesting bonuses this time. During the year, many of you could enjoy a ride in the train driver's cab or adopt your favorite seat and place a message on it. We are very happy that you enjoy traveling with added value and we are planning other great ideas for you next year. 

Our new trains Sirius have gone through another phase of the approval process, which we expect to be completed next year. The first three electric units will run on rails in the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland. We look forward for you to take a ride in the new trains for the first time! But we also have other plans. As the only Czech private passenger carrier, we have recently gained a certificate entitling us to transport passengers in Germany. 

Although this year's situation was not very suitable for traveling, we believe that next year will offer many travel opportunities not only in the Czech Republic. We are preparing a lot of news for you and we look forward to sharing them with you.

We are very happy that you are part of the Leo Express family, and we can't wait to accompany you on your travels next year.

We are looking forward to seeing you next year.🧡