Parking in Ostrava-Svinov

Do you travel from Ostrava-Svinov by train and need to park your car? If you buy a return ticket from us, your parking will not be charged.

How does it work?

When buying your return ticket in any carriage class, you simply add the additional Parking service to your basket. We then send you to your E-mail the ticket along with the parking ticket with all information needed. 

When leaving the parking lot, show the operator your parking ticket. 

You can park your car an hour before the departure. Upon return, you must pick up your car no later than an hour upon arrival.

Where is the parking lot located?

You can park in the KOMA Parking building close to the Ostrava-Svinov station building.

How much is it?

PREMIUM classFree
BUSINESS classFree
ECONOMY classFree

The maximum parking time is marked on the parking ticket. If the limit is exceeded, the parking rate applies and you may be asked to pay extra fee.

What is the capacity?

The capacity is set at a maximum of 10 Leo Express customers. If you do not see the possibility to add free parking, the capacity of the parking lot has been exhausted.

How can the service be activated?

1. When buying the return ticket, add the additional Parking service.

2. You can find all instructions directly on your travel and parking ticket.

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