Tourist train to Dolní Morava

Enjoy the wind in your hair and beautiful views

The season is over! We look forward to seeing you again in the spring.

To the mountains by train

Starting in May, a road tourist train will connect Dolní Morava, Králíky and Hedeč. The train will provide better connections between tourist destinations thanks to stops in Dolní Morava at the Vista hotel and at the elephant, in Hedeč directly at the monastery and in Králíky, in addition to the train and bus station, also at the military museum. In Králíky and Červený Potok there will be transfers to our trains.

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To the mountains by train

You can use the experience train for transport between places as well as for sightseeing. We also transport bicycles, so you can be taken up to Hedeč and take bike tours from there without having to pedal up big hills.

Tickets can be purchased on our website, in our app, at all our ticket offices or directly from the driver.

Seasonal trips

The tourist train will operate on weekends in May, June and September and every day during the summer holidays. In order to provide even better connections for tourists, the trains on the route Ústí nad Orlicí - Hanušovice will operate every day during the summer holidays. This will significantly simplify travel to the Králicko region from Olomouc and Jeseníky.

Prstem po mapě

A trip around the Orlickoústecko region can be accompanied by a slightly different cycling map, in which creation we participated as well. The best drawers and painters in the world were involved in its creation - children. Their pictures will give you an idea of what the place you want to visit looks like. Whether it's a lookout tower, a castle ruin or the unique Trail in the Clouds, the little artists have handled it all with aplomb. 

You can buy painted maps here or at our ticket offices in Králíky, Letohrad and Jablonné.

Prstem po mapě

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