Corporate program

Advantageous travel for companies and their employees

Do you often go to meetings or conferences, do not want to waste your time in traffic jams and driving a car makes you tired? Isn't it better to relax on the way, have something good to eat, and respond to a few e-mails in peace and comfort? Replace your car with our train or bus.

Corporate Program

Loyalty program for companies and entrepreneurs offers the possibility of payment using invoice under special conditions. You can buy tickets for business purposes continuously and conveniently online. We'll send you an invoice after the end of the calendar month. In addition, you have the option of additional discounts based on quarterly turnover.

Corporate Program

Corporate Family Program

Your employees can sign up for the Corporate Family Program and purchase tickets for private purposes with twice as much advantages compared to standard conditions. Our loyalty program is based on cashback according to the amount spent for the last year and you can find more about it here.

Corporate Family Program

2x more benefits with a corporate program

You can also take advantage of the Corporate Family program! For more information, contact your HR department and ask for an offer from Leo Express.

  • 5%



    1 – 41 €

  • 10%



    42 – 124 €

  • 15%



    124 – 416 €

  • 20%



    417 € and more

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