Cancellation of the ticket

Something has changed and the date or time of the ride does not suit you?
You can cancel your ticket anytime to the regular departure of the connection.

Data for ticket cancellation

Forms of refunding fare when using payment by


  • ticket cancellation for Smile Club members when paying by any payment method is possible only to leo credits
  • cancellation of a group ticket can only be done at the latest 24 hours before the scheduled departure
  • cancellation of the return ticket is possible together or after completion of the first ride THERE
  • If you want to cancel a ticket that was bought through the payment service Twisto and you are not a member of our Smile Club, please cancel the ticket at our ticket office or at our customer centre.
  • for foreign payments outside the SEPA area the passenger pays the associated bank charges for foreign bank transfer. The bank charge is a deduction from the refund.

What does SEPA, IBAN a BIC? mean?

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) means a united area for payments in euro. This marks a new currency regulation for national and European payments.
IBAN (International Bank Account Number or International Bank Account Number) is a number that replaces all account details (account number and bank code in the Czech Republic).
BIC (Business Identifier Code) is an internationally standardized bank code that uniquely identifies a bank in international payment transactions.