Leo Express adds a second daily service from Prague to Ukraine

Czech railway company Leo Express is boosting its bus services between Košice, Slovakia and Mukachevo, Ukraine. The company already operates one daily bus in both directions, with additional daily service in cooperation with a local partner. A second pair of services will be added from 14 July. All bus connections are connected to Leo Express train services between Košice and Prague.  

Leo Express has maintained its bus service between Ukraine and Slovakia even after the start of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, when it increased its services operationally to provide an exit option for fleeing Ukrainians. Since April, the passenger movement has reversed, with around two-thirds of passengers heading from Košice to Ukraine in the last three months. In total, Leo Express has already carried more than 1,000 passengers between Slovakia and Ukraine this year.  

As of 14 July, Leo Express is adding a new pair of services on the Košice-Mukachevo route under the numbers LEB9961 and LEB9958. These, like the existing ones, connect to the incoming and outgoing trains between Košice and Prague, which run via Poprad, Žilina, Ostrava, Olomouc and Pardubice, among others. Tickets for the two new bus services to and from Ukraine are already on sale. Leo Express is currently offering tickets until 31 August 2022 and does not rule out extending the offer in case of interest.

Leo Express will deploy Mercedes Benz coaches with a capacity of 48 passengers on the new routes. The bus is also equipped with both air conditioning and a toilet. Passengers will receive bottled water included in the ticket price and a steward will be available throughout the journey. 

Leo Express buses on the route Košice (SK) – Mukachevo (UA) from 14 July

8201 Košice–Michalovce–Mukachevo  

departure 15:30, arrival 20:40 

LEB9957 (Bratislava–) Košice–Uzhorod–Mukachevo  

departure 22:45, arrival 4:10

LEB9961 Košice–Uzhgorod–Mukachevo  

departure at 5:00, arrival at 10:35 

Leo Express buses on the route Mukachevo (UA)-Košice (SK) from 14 July

8202 Mukachevo–Michalovce–Košice 

departure 8:30, arrival 12:00 

LEB9952 Mukachevo–Uzhgorod–Košice (–Bratislava) 

departure 16:00, arrival 22:00 

LEB9958 Mukachevo–Uzhgorod–Košice 

departure at 0:05, arrival at 4:15

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Leo Express is a private carrier providing rail and bus passenger transport in Central Europe. The carrier primarily operates on the commercial route Prague–Ostrava, its trains also run to Košice or Krakow. Since December 2019, it also operates on regional routes in the Pardubice region. Leo Express always offers passengers modern barrier-free trains, online ticket management, loyalty program, electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, comfortable and adjustable seats in each class, carefully selected refreshments and professional service. In 2019, the carrier transported 2.4 million passengers and achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion crowns.

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