Leo Express buses have ridden around the planet Earth 30 times in half a year. They are the only ones in Europe offering a higher class whose occupancy has doubled

PRAGUE, 25. 9. 2018 - For the first half of 2018, Leo Express buses have traveled the distance of 1,350,000 kilometers, so that they would ride about the planet Earth more than 30 times. The carrier has transported more than 200,000 passengers over the past year. The use of the higher Business Class, which Leo Express offers as the only bus carrier in Europe, has doubled

Leo Express buses have transported more than 200,000 passengers and their occupancy has increased by 22 % and sales by 30 % over the past year. Of the total number of passengers, 14 % use the higher Business Class which Leo Express offers as the only bus carrier in Europe. In 90 % cases passengers choose it for increased overall comfort and especially for a bigger legroom. Wi-Fi or refreshments are included in the price of the ticket. The most transfers between bus and train lines will take place on the routes to Mukachevo, Krakow, Lviv and Zlin.

More than half of the passengers (58 %) travel with Leo Express buses repeatedly. Over the past six months, one of the passengers has traveled even more than 15,000 kilometers. In total, Leo Express buses have ridden over 1,350,000 kilometers for the first half of 2018. They would ride around the planet Earth 30 times or would travel to the Moon and back.

 „We don’t believe that bus travel is uncomfortable and just for students. For example, our buses to Munich are traditionally busy at this time due to Octoberfest, when people who do not use it otherwise go by bus. They can leave the driver's license at home while enjoying enough legroom. The passengers spend every mile traveled on our connections in comfort, whether it's in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary or Ukraine," says Peter Köhler, CEO of Leo Express.

Emil Sedlařík

Leo Express spokesperson

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Leo Express is a private carrier providing rail and bus passenger transport in Central Europe. The carrier primarily operates on the commercial route Prague–Ostrava, its trains also run to Košice or Krakow and to South Moravia. Since December 2019, it also operates on regional routes in the Pardubice region. Leo Express always offers passengers modern barrier-free trains, online ticket management, loyalty program, electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, comfortable and adjustable seats in each class, carefully selected refreshments and professional service. In 2019, the carrier transported 2.4 million passengers and achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion crowns.