The air conditioning in the train doesn't work? Leo Express is the only Czech company that will refund 100% of the fare in case the air conditioning doesn't work until the end of August

Prague, June 21, 2023 - Passenger comfort is a top priority for Leo Express. On hot summer days, a pleasant cool-down is a must when traveling by train, which is why Leo Express is guaranteeing passengers working air conditioning on all long-distance train connections until the end of August. Otherwise, 100% of the ticket price will be refunded in leo credits.

"Summer has arrived and with it the opportunities for leisure travel with Leo Express. It is important to us that, among the other benefits of traveling by train, the temperature is comfortable. This is especially important when traveling in formal clothing such as shirts and sundresses. That's why Leo Express guarantees that the air conditioning on its long-distance trains is working during the summer months. We also clean our trains more intensively in the summer, which contributes to even greater cleanliness and comfort," says Michaela Müllerová, Customer Service Manager at Leo Express.  

At the same time, the carrier automatically adjusts the intensity of the air conditioning in the trains according to the outside temperature to avoid temperature shocks. Passengers can also cool down on board with ice cream or chilled drinks. 

Air conditioning you can count on 

In the past, the vast majority of customers on Leo Express long-distance trains traveled with working air conditioning, or the carrier refunded 25% of the ticket price in leo credits due to reduced comfort. Now the carrier has decided to guarantee its functionality.  

If the air conditioning on the train is not working for more than 45 minutes and it is not possible to move the passenger to another air-conditioned seat on the train, 100% of the fare will be refunded in leo credits. All the passenger has to do is be a member of the Smile Club loyalty program, which offers other benefits in addition to the air conditioning guarantee. For example, cashback of up to 10% of the fare for each trip.  

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Leo Express is a private carrier providing rail and bus passenger transport in Central Europe. The carrier primarily operates on the commercial route Prague–Ostrava, its trains also run to Košice or Krakow. Since December 2019, it also operates on regional routes in the Pardubice region. Leo Express always offers passengers modern barrier-free trains, online ticket management, loyalty program, electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, comfortable and adjustable seats in each class, carefully selected refreshments and professional service. In 2019, the carrier transported 2.4 million passengers and achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion crowns.

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