Leo Express has secured 15 modern diesel units for operations in the Czech Republic

PRAGUE, 1. 8. 2018 – Leo Express has secured a portfolio of 15 high quality Alstom LINT units and is negotiating their deployment with Czech Republic authorities.

The fleet consists of 11x DMUs with 120 seats and 4x DMUs with 70 seats. All units are low-entry, air conditioned and will be equipped with Wi-fi, sockets for 230 V and USB connectors. Complimentary will be the operation of ticket vending machines and machines for snacks and drinks.

Leo Express plans to employ these units from December 2019 or earlier on selected PSO routes in the Czech Republic and is now in negotiations with several public authorities to agree on terms for their employment. The units will arrive in December 2018 in the Czech Republic and will be modified with ATP Mirel and undergo certain interior changes. They will be homologated for 120 km/h operations.

"We are pleased to have retained this highly modern portfolio of DMUs, which is unparalleled in the Czech market and includes amenities such as low entry access for mothers with prams or wheelchair users, Wi-fi, air-conditioning, bicycle stands or vending machines with snacks. And this all with very low noise and emission levels,” says Peter Köhler, CEO of Leo Express.

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Emil Sedlařík

Leo Express spokesperson

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Emil Sedlařík, phone: +420 773 740 512, E-mail: [email protected]

Leo Express is a private multimodal transport group, which started its activities in 2012 with new trains on the backbone lines in the Czech Republic. Since 2014 in Slovakia and since 2018 also in Poland. It also operates an extensive network of bus and minibus lines in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Austria and Ukraine. In August 2017, Leo Express took over the German company Locomore and resumed its operation on the Berlin-Stuttgart route together with the company FlixMobility, becoming the second largest commercial passenger carrier on the German rail. Leo Express is the first Czech carrier to operate a rail connection outside the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In July 2018, it started operations on the Prague – Krakow railway route, becoming the first passenger commercial carrier on Polish railways.

It also provides door2door activities such as transport home to selected addresses in the Zlín Region. In 2016, the company announced the purchase of new trains from the world's largest manufacturer CRRC. In 2017, the company founded the peer-to-peer cashing company SmileCar, which has merged with HoppyGo since June 2018 to become a major carsharing provider. The founder of Leo Express is Leoš Novotný, CEO is Pavel Spilka. More about Leo Express at www.leoexpress.com.