Expansion in Poland: Leo Express started offering tickets from Prague to Wroclaw, received a permit to go between Cracow and the Ukrainian border and has requested a permit for a line to Warsaw

The Czech national carrier Leo Express has published the timetable for its train connection between Prague and Wroclaw, which will start on 20 December. The tickets are already in sale and are starting at 99 CZK. The operator has also received a permit from Polish authorities to operate a train line between Cracow and Medyka on the Ukrainian border. Now it waits for another permit for a line between Cracow and Warsaw.

Leo Express is still expanding its services in Poland. A part of the expansion is launching new direct train line between Prague and Wroclaw, which will complement our public service obligation in the Pardubice region. The price for a ticket starts at 99 CZK. The connection is perfect for trips and euro weekends.

Juraj Andrejka, Leo Express managing director for Poland a Ukraine.

The trains will set off on this line on 20 December. They will go from Prague every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 18:08. They will return from Poland every Saturday and Sunday at 10:27. 

The operation the line will be secured by the Leo Express FLIRT units, which our customers know from the commercial operation of Leo Express between Prague, Ostrava, Košice, Cracow and Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště. The line will be operated in cooperation with Koleje Dolnośląskie on the Polish side of border. Other connections of Koleje Dolnośląskie, which end at the border station Lichkov, will complement the regional connections of Leo Express.

Together with publishing the new timetable, Leo Express also began to sell their tickets. Their price starts at 99 CZK and are available at every ticket office, selected ticket offices of Koleje Dolnośląskie, in the mobile app and at the company’s website.

The Polish authorities also permitted Leo Express to operate a line between Cracow and the Ukrainian border. “Now we can go from Prague through Cracow all the way to the border with Ukraine. Due to the lengthy process, we have received the permit only after the publication of the new timetable, so now we have to look for new possible time frames, where we can extend our lines from Cracow all the way to Medyka,” Juraj Andrejka explains.

The price of the tickets on the route Prague – Medyka is estimated to move between 50 zloty (approx. 300 CZK) and 150 zloty (approx. 900 CZK) depending on the available capacity. On the route Katowice – Medyka the tickets will start at 19 zloty (approx. 119 CZK) and the price will be adjusted according to the capacity of the connection.

Additionally, Leo Express has requested for a line between Cracow and Warsaw. “We have filed a request for a permit for a separate line between Cracow and Warsaw. But nothing prevents us to connect it to the current line Prague – Cracow. The date of the start depends on the speed of the approval process, a decision could be made approximately within a year,” says Juraj Andrejka.

Leo Express has entered the Polish market with its trains in 2018 as the first private passenger rail carrier. It also operates bus lines from Cracow to Lviv, Warsaw, Ostrava and Wien. 

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Leo Express is a private transport company providing rail and bus passenger services in Central Europe since 2012. It operates mainly on the commercial route Prague-Ostrava, but its trains also go to Košice and Krakow. The network is complemented by bus lines to Poland and Ukraine. From December 2019, Leo Express also operates regional trains in Pardubice Region, and in December 2023 it took over regional rail transport on the busiest Slovak railway line, Bratislava–Komárno. Together with its main shareholder, the Spanish National Railways Renfe, the company plans strong growth in Central Europe in the coming years, both in commercial lines and in commitment services.

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