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Tickets in your pocket and first-hand information

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Tickets fully under control

You create an order at the speed of a shinkansen. You can display all your journeys and cancel your tickets without any problems.

Tickets fully under control

Current traffic information

Is your connection running late? Notifications let you know right away. Plus, you'll know where on the route the train currently is and when it's arriving.

Current traffic information

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Easy booking

In our app, you buy a ticket before you say "train". You choose your connection, class, favourite seat and payment method and you're ready to go. The train is now boarding!

Ticket overview

You'll see all the tickets you've bought together and keep a good track of when, where and for how much you went or will go. You can also easily save your tickets in Apple Wallet.

Advantages of leo credits

Top up your leo credits and simply pay for tickets and refreshments. If you want to cancel your ticket, you'll get the full value of your ticket back in leo credits.

Linked to website

You can manage tickets bought on our website in the app. And vice versa. Just log in with the same e-mail address.

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