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Unfortunately, this offer is over.
However, if you are interested in activating the offer Catering Cashback, write to us at [email protected] and we will be happy to accommodate you. As a bonus, we will also give you extra 20% of the purchased amount in leo credits. However, you have to make it by the 31st of march 2022.

The offer is already over

  • we will immediately credit a 20% bonus from the order price to your Smile Club account in the form of bonus leo credits
  • if you meet the conditions, you will receive a 30% cashback for refreshments on board for 3 months from topping up

Savour your cashback


To get the Catering bonus, all you have to do is buy leo credits worth at least 105 €. After that, you can buy snacks on board for which you will get 30% cashback for 3 months.

Savour your cashback

How does it work?

Activate Catering Cashback

All you have to do is buy leo credits worth at least 105 € in one order. We will then automatically activate the bonus offer for you and for 3 months you can buy refreshments, from which you will receive a 30% cashback.

Buy refreshments

The more snacks you order, the more leo credits you get within the cashback! So whether you enjoy freshly ground coffee, a tasty main course or a sweet dessert on the go, you will get your reward.

Get your leo credits back

Catering cashback of 30% is calculated from the current price of the item listed in the board guide. Cashback is credited in case of payment by cash, card or with standard leo credits. The offer also applies to Corporate and Corporate Family accounts.

New menu even cheaper

🥩 Burgundy Pork + Apple Pie
you'll get 50 leo credits back

🥗 Salad with Roast Beef + Mirinda
you'll get 53 leo credits back

🍣 Sushi + Cookies
you'll get 47 leo credits back

🍲 Tom Yum + Panini with Hoisin Pork Flank
you'll get 44 leo credits back

🍖 BBQ Wings + Carrot Muffin
you'll get 49 leo credits back

New menu even cheaper

You can top up your leo credits in your Smile Club account. It doesn't matter if you don't have your loyalty account yet. You can create it with a few clicks and immediately take advantage of other benefits. You can use leo credits not only for traveling, but also for buying refreshments on our connections. In addition, we will reward you with up to 10% cashback in leo credits for each purchase.

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