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Customers with purchased tickets are informed about operational changes via SMS and e-mail if this information was provided to us when buying a ticket. The location of trains on the territory of Poland and of regional connections is currently not available, we are still working on displaying this information. Delay times are only approximate, in case of delay of less than 20 minutes, please stay near the platform.

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🚌 Changes in the operation of connections to Staré Město

updated: 26. 09. 2022

Dear customers,

due to infrastructure changes, we are forced to cancel our direct train connections between the stations Přerov and Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště. From 1 July 2022, you can travel to the stations Přerov, Hulín, Otrokovice and Staré Město or in the opposite direction by a new train connection with a guaranteed transfer to our connections in Přerov. 

Transfer train connections from 1.7.2022


EX 98230  Staré Město 06:03 → Přerov 06:37
EX 98231  Přerov 06:58 → Staré Město 07:34
EX 98238  Staré Město 19:20 → Přerov 19:52
EX 98239  Přerov 20:25 → Staré Město 21:01

Transfer for connections going to/from Ukraine is not guaranteed

updated: 26. 09. 2022

The transfer between train and bus connections is not guaranteed because the route crosses the border with Ukraine, which is not part of the EU. In addition, the connections are operated by two different carriers.