Current traffic information

Customers with purchased tickets are informed about operational changes via SMS and e-mail if this information was provided to us when buying a ticket.

Wearing masks, respirators, scarves, when traveling onboard Leo Express connections

updated: 17. 07. 2020

Dear passengers,

According to the government's regulations, passengers are currently obliged to wear masks in trains and buses only in defined areas. On Leo Express trains, this is the territory of the entire Moravian-Silesian Region on the route between the stops Hranice na Moravě - Ostrava - Čadca. Wearing masks outside these stops is therefore at the discretion of individual passengers, however, we still recommend wearing them on board and our staff will also wear them.

If necessary, there still are free masks available for passengers on board of our connections. We also draw attention to the measures of neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Poland, where masks are still mandatory and should therefore be used by all passengers after crossing the border.

At the same time, we continue to disinfect our trains at every turn and we also disinfect the seats before the arrival of new passengers and during the ride. The passenger therefore sits on a freshly disinfected seat.

Thank you, your Leo Express

Temporary limited availability of customer center

updated: 31. 03. 2020

Dear customers,

due to the current situation the working hours of our customer service are temporarily limited for the timeframe:

CZ/SK/EN: 7:00 – 19:00

PL: 9:00 – 17:00

Thank you for your understanding, Leo Express

Anti-coronavirus measures: daily ozonation, increased disinfection, vitamins and masks, Preferential use of cashless payment

updated: 14. 03. 2020

In recent weeks, Leo Express has taken a number of safety measures in conjunction with the authorities in relation to coronavirus spread. The already above-standard hygiene measures were strengthened, further disinfection was added and ozoning was introduced, which destroys all germs. At the same time, passenger information has been increased. For employees, Leo Express prepares vitamins to strengthen immunity and also masks if needed.

Protection and information for passengers

Disinfectants are available on toilets for passengers on board. Passengers will also be informed about the possibility of their use by an on-board announcement. The toilets also have an information poster with the right hand washing procedure and other information posters are located in the train interior. Disinfectants are also available for passengers on board of buses. We ask the passengers to comply with hygienic procedures such as sneezing and coughing in handkerchiefs or sleeves, not in the hand. At the same time, we are adding products for personal hygiene improvement to the onboard assortment. We continue to sell refreshments that are hygienically packed and come into direct contact only with the customer. In case one of the passengers experiences problems with possible coronavirus infection, we are prepared to use masks in conjunction with the IRS that would be available for the affected passenger.

Protection of cabin crew

On-board staff have the use of more disinfectants, which they use above standard. We are now purchasing additional stocks of these disinfectants. We have also secured products to strengthen the immunity and we prepare their distribution. Surgical gloves are already placed on the trains and buses, and newly, masks are also being placed, which can be used by the on-board staff if ambulance is called to one of the passengers.

Disinfection of trains and buses and ozonation

Leo Express trains are disinfected several times a day before boarding of new passengers in the starting station. As part of this regular cleaning, more disinfectants were added. In-depth cleaning of the trains is carried out five times a week. We also use odor neutralizers, which are antibacterial, and air conditioning is also disinfected. Every day our buses are also disinfected, to which disinfectants have been added. We also have the use of ozone for the trains, which destroys all germs and we are already using it for our trains. Now we are ready to use ozone every day. Even before the current situation and related sanitary control measures, the hygiene conditions on Leo Express decks were regularly found to be above standard by sanitary controls.

Preferential use of cashless payment

Due to the spread of coronavirus infections we ask that you make preferential use of cashless payment methods on board and at Leo Express ticket offices. Use the Leo Express website and application to buy tickets in preference to other payment methods.


updated: 22. 07. 2020

Dear passengers,

on 29.7.2020 01:00 -  05:00 (CET) the scheduled shutdown of the GP webpay payment gateway will take place.

It will not be possible to pay by card online during this time. We recommend using other payment methods - payment in 15 minutes, Twisto or leo credits. We are sorry for complications.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Leo Express