Current traffic information

Customers with purchased tickets are informed about operational changes via SMS and e-mail if this information was provided to us when buying a ticket.

Wearing masks, respirators, scarves, when traveling onboard Leo Express connections

updated: 25. 08. 2020

Dear passengers,

due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, we ask you to wear masks, respirators, scarves or to cover your mouth and nose in a similar way when traveling on Leo Express trains. Our on-board staff will also wear a mask on the trains. This measure is valid from 1. 9. 2020 until further notice.

If necessary, there still are free masks available for passengers on board of our connections. We also draw attention to the measures of neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Poland, where masks are still mandatory and should therefore be used by all passengers after crossing the border.

At the same time, we continue to disinfect our trains at every turn and we also disinfect the seats before the arrival of new passengers and during the ride. The passenger therefore sits on a freshly disinfected seat.

Thank you, your Leo Express

Traffic closure Prague Main Station in the period 5. –⁠ 30. 10. 2020

updated: 08. 09. 2020

Dear passengers,

due to the reconstruction of platform 1b in Prague Main Station in the period 5. –⁠ 30. October 2020, the following connections will start and end on weekdays at the station Prague-Holešovice. The reconstruction is due to the extension of the platform, so that our new trains Sirius can also stop here in the future.

There is a metro line C in the station Prague - Holešovice, which enables you to move around Prague or to the main railway station. You can also still use our train stop Prague-Libeň.

💰The members of our Smile Club are compensated for this complication by receiving 24 leo credits for one ticket, which is the price of a public transport ticket in Prague. Leo credits are automatically added to the account after the ride from / to the station Prague-Holešovice during the traffic closure. Aren't you a member of the loyalty program yet? Sign up.

Arrivals to Prague-Holešovice (only weekdays)

  • LE1250
  • LET1290
  • LE1240
  • LE1256
  • LE1258

Departures from Prague-Holešovice(only weekdays)

  • LE1251
  • LE1233
  • LE413
  • LE1241
  • LET1293

The connections will run from the station Prague-Libeň to the station Praha-Holešovice outside of Prague Main Station. All other connections will run to Prague Main Station and will stop at the platform 4S or 5S, depending current operational situation.

Saturdays, Sundays and 28.10.

All connections will run to Prague Main Station to the platform 4S or 5S, depending current operational situation.

Attention! The connection LE1250 departing from Košice on Sunday the 4th of October arrives at the station Prague-Holešovice. The connection LE1250 departing from Košice on Friday arrives at the Prague Main Station.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for understanding.

Your Leo Express