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In recent years, we have all seen that we shouldn't take traveling for granted. So don't leave anything to chance and enjoy your summer travel to the fullest. Which destinations will you tick off this year? We'll be happy to help you choose.

Priceless experiences


If you've been to the Old Town five times already and have seen Prague Castle from all sides, this year go to less touristy but at least as beautiful places. You can start your tour of Prague at Strahov Monastery, and in Holešovice it is worth seeing the DOX contemporary art centre or the former Prague slaughterhouse. We also recommend the baroque Troja Castle.


The Royal Wawel Castle with its own dragon, the beautiful square Rynek Glowny with Mariacka Basilica and an interactive underground, or the Jewish Quarter with its mysterious atmosphere and museum in the Schindler's Factory. For lunch, zapiekanki and in the evening some drinks at Pijalnia Wódki i Piwa. Our secret wish is that you love Krakow as much as we do.


Enchanting nature and fresh air, that's how you could describe this Slovak gem in a nutshell. But the Tatras and its surroundings offer much more - hundreds of kilometres of hiking trails, adrenaline experiences or well-deserved relaxation. For hiking novices, we recommend a visit to Štrbské pleso or Bachledova dolina, or Kôprovský štít and Rysy for advanced hikers.

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