Guaranteed departure

We guarantee that all connections will run

The Guaranteed departure service has already ended, but you can still count on us

We introduced this service at the start of the coronavirus pandemic to guarantee the departures of our services and to offer you better cancellation terms with a bonus. This is because during this period there were unplanned cancellations of connections due to government regulations.

The Guaranteed departure will no longer be available on services departing from 1 May 2022.

Thank you for your support.

Travel without worries

We now guarantee that all connections listed in the reservation system for the next 14 days will run. So if you look for a ticket on January 17, you can be sure that all connections will definitely run within the next 14 days (ie by January 31). However, if we cancel the connection, which would only happen in case of worsening of the overall situation with a significant impact on travel, we will refund you 150 % of the ticket price.

Travel without worries

Change of plans? No problem.

Cancellation until departure

Something has changed and the date or time of the ride does not suit you? You can cancel your ticket at any time until the regular departure of the connection. Traveling with us is therefore completely flexible.

100% of the ticket price back

If you decide to cancel your ticket or if the connection is canceled for any reason, we will refund you 100 % of the ticket price.

extra 50 % in leo credits

Unfortunately, sometimes the situation is merciless. Therefore, if your connection is canceled for business reasons, we will refund you not only 100 % of the ticket price, but also extra 50 % in leo credits.

Users who are members of our loyalty program Smile Club will be automatically credited with a 50 % bonus in leo credits in case of a connection cancellation. If you also want to take advantage of this offer and you are not a member of the Smile Club, you can sign up easily. A ticket with a guaranteed departure and the connected bonus Guaranteed departure must be purchased as a registered user, otherwise no additional credit will be granted.

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