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Do you have any idea where (and with whom) you will spend the upcoming spring? You best know each other when traveling - so what are you waiting for? Simply enter the promocode "LOVELEO" and set off.

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One for you, one for ...?

Unusual Valentine

Every year we invite our loved ones to expensive dinners, buy jewelery, flowers or chocolate. How about leaving this year's routine and spending Valentine's Day a little different this year? The most valuable thing we can give someone is our time and our common experiences!

Unusual Valentine

In Life, It’s Not Where You Go, It’s Who You Travel With

Romantic Salzburg

Take your beloved ones for a romantic trip to Salzburg. Check out Getreidegasse, the most beautiful shopping street in Austria, and surprise your love with a gift, whether from one of the many cute shops or a luxury boutique.

Fairytale Krakov

Will you save your princess from the clutches of a three-headed dragon hidden in the cave under the mythical Wawel Castle? Krakow will attract you with its unique atmosphere - you will really feel like a fairy tale on the largest medieval square.

Impressive Tatras

You don't really enjoy city walks and you are more attracted to an action holiday? Set off to the mountains with your love! You can enjoy snow, go skiing or snowboarding, go to the aquapark and in the evening, enjoy the traditional Slovak dish halušky.

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