Further improving accessibility. Leo Express is the first train operator to eliminate the need to announce boarding and alighting with an orthopedic wheelchair

Prague, February 8, 2023 - Leo Express has also announced a change in the booking process for wheelchair transportation that will make traveling even easier. This means that such passengers will no longer have to notify the carrier of their trip by e-mail, as was previously the case. After purchasing a ticket, the traffic controller will automatically arrange everything necessary for the safe boarding and getting off of a passenger with an orthopedic wheelchair and will confirm the transport arrangements to the customer by e-mail no later than 24 hours before the departure of the selected connection. Leo Express is the first company to abolish this obligation on mainline trains.    

Leo Express operates only modern low-floor trains, which enables it to transport people in orthopedic wheelchairs on any of its trains. On one of the busiest long-distance railway lines in the Czech Republic, the company is the only one to offer low-floor long-distance trains. Tilting platforms, operated by train staff, are used for easy boarding and alighting.  

Leo Express is the first Czech carrier to abolish the obligation to check in before transportation, even if the passenger needs the assistance of staff or a platform when boarding and alighting. In the past, passengers at Leo Express and other carriers sometimes forgot to check in, which could lead to complications during transportation. Leo Express has completely eliminated this obligation.

"As a wheelchair user and passenger on the Leo Express trains, I welcome this news. I am delighted that the whole process is now even easier and more pleasant for everyone involved. You don't have to plan so much, think about the fact that you have to book your trip and wheelchair transport separately. I believe that these services will be beneficial for people with mobility disabilities and that in time we will see even more innovations that will help us when traveling," says Tomáš Helísek, a wheelchair user who regularly travels by train between Prague and Olomouc.  

Special seats are reserved for wheelchair users near the doors in carriage C. During the trip, passengers may use the wheelchair-accessible restroom located next to these reserved seats. Stewards are available to assist passengers with boarding, exiting and travel, as well as requesting refreshments to be delivered to their seat.  

Wheelchair users travel virtually free on Leo Express trains  

In addition, people who use orthopedic wheelchairs travel on Leo Express trains with a government-guaranteed 75% discount, and they receive the remaining 25% of the fare as a cashback from Leo Express. Their guides even travel for free.   

All you need is a ZTP or ZTP/P card. Holders of these cards travel with a 75% discount on all Economy Class tickets on all Leo Express routes in the Czech Republic. In addition, they will receive 25% of the full ticket price in leo credits after each trip. These can be used to purchase additional tickets or refreshments on board. The only condition is membership of the Smile Club loyalty program. 

More information about transporting passengers in orthopedic wheelchairs >

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Leo Express is a private carrier providing rail and bus passenger transport in Central Europe. The carrier primarily operates on the commercial route Prague–Ostrava, its trains also run to Košice or Krakow. Since December 2019, it also operates on regional routes in the Pardubice region. Leo Express always offers passengers modern barrier-free trains, online ticket management, loyalty program, electrical outlets, Wi-Fi, comfortable and adjustable seats in each class, carefully selected refreshments and professional service. In 2019, the carrier transported 2.4 million passengers and achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion crowns.

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