Wheelchair Transportation

You can be transported by our trains in a wheelchair with no problem.

Wheelchair transportation is available on our train connections. Unfortunately, it is not possible on buses.

Leave the worries about transport to us
If you are travelling with a wheelchair, we will automatically arrange everything necessary for your safe getting on and off after you purchase your ticket. We will confirm the arranged transport by e-mail no later than 24 hours before departure.

There is special room reserved for wheelchair users close to the door in carriage C. You can also use barrier-free toilets during your journey. As a matter of course, the assistance of stewards when getting on and off the train is provided.

Naturally, wheelchair users travel cheaper with us and their guides travel for free. Just show us your Czech ZTP (severe health disability) card - 75% discount and 25% cashback into Leo crowns or Slovak ŤZP (card of person with disabilities) card - 25% cashback into Leo crowns.

More on discounts for the disabled

Where can you get on and off the train with a wheelchair?

Stations are divided into 3 categories

  1. Category - station with easy boarding
    we will automatically arrange your getting on and off
  2. Category - stations requiring cooperation of station staff
    we will automatically arrange your getting on and off
  3. Category - without safe boarding
    the ticket purchase is currently not available

Don’t worry about the room

Our system verifies the availability according to the current status.

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