Czech classics, quality sushi and great ice cream, Leo Express has a new on-board menu after three months

Prague, May 31, 2023 - Every three months, Leo Express prepares a new on-board menu for its passengers according to trends and seasons. The current menu, available on board since June 1, combines Czech classics such as curd dumplings or pork bites with foreign specialties such as sushi or Italian meatballs with tomato sauce and penne. Vegetarians will enjoy Indian pumpkin and eggplant curry. On hot summer days, four new flavors of ice-cream or chilled cocktail mixes are also available in air-conditioned trains. 

"Better quality and more affordable sushi, and now a poke bowl with black rice and roasted teriyaki salmon and vegetables. This is the basis of our new on-board menu. Lovers of Czech classics as well as foreign dishes will find something to their taste. The same goes for those who would like to try crickets, hundreds of which are sold every month, or who would like to have a meatless meal. All you have to do is order and the on-board staff will bring it to your seat," says Petr Vrabec, catering specialist at Leo Express.  

Leo Express continues to improve its board menu. For example, the total number of orders increased by 6.2% year-on-year between May 2023 and May 2022, and it is clear that more and more passengers see on-board catering as an added value to their travel experience. For this reason, the company wants to work with only the best suppliers. One example is sushi, where the new set will offer uramaki sushi instead of nigiri. Although the price has been reduced, the quality has been improved and the menu has been expanded to include Poké Salmon Teriyaki. Among the main dishes, passengers will also find scrambled pancakes with caramelized pears and sour cream or a breakfast bagel with egg and bacon. 

Puro Gelato ice cream and cocktails are a refreshing summer treat

Passengers can now enjoy Puro Gelato's premium ice cream on the train. It is available in chocolate, vanilla, mango and salted caramel flavors. Italian gelato is generally lower in fat than most ice creams, so the lower fat content results in a more intense flavor experience. 

"Customers can order cocktails such as Apík Bitter Spritz, Tuzemák River Dog & Cola or Moscow Mule. At the moment, we are noticing the growing popularity of the Braník beer brand, especially among the younger generation. We also offer cider, which is practically synonymous with summer," concludes Petr Vrabec. 

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Leo Express is a private transport company providing rail and bus passenger services in Central Europe since 2012. It operates mainly on the commercial route Prague-Ostrava, but its trains also go to Košice and Krakow. The network is complemented by bus lines to Poland and Ukraine. From December 2019, Leo Express also operates regional trains in Pardubice Region, and in December 2023 it took over regional rail transport on the busiest Slovak railway line, Bratislava–Komárno. Together with its main shareholder, the Spanish National Railways Renfe, the company plans strong growth in Central Europe in the coming years, both in commercial lines and in commitment services.

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