Leo Express launches new on-board menu after three months

The company reports 5% growth in refreshment sales without price increase

Praha, September 25, 2023 - Despite the double-digit inflation affecting prices, Leo Express has decided not to increase the price of on-board refreshments and to maintain the price of the Prague-Ostrava ticket at 4.1 EUR. This also applies to connections in the new timetable, which is already available. Despite this, the company recorded a 5.3% year-on-year increase in revenue from on-board refreshments. In addition to the increased interest in travelling, the regular updating of the on-board menu is also contributing to higher sales. Leo Express has just launched a new menu for this autumn, featuring seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin, root vegetables and wine. Exotic food lovers will also find something to their taste. Crickets and worms have long been at the top of the menu.  

In this autumn menu, customers will find typical autumn ingredients such as pumpkin, venison and root vegetables. We are the first railway company to cooperate with the company 2gether, which owns several well-known restaurants such as SIA, Cukrář Skála and Bruxx. In this way, we can offer our passengers food of a similar quality to what they are used to in restaurants. With sustainability in mind, of course.

Petr Vrabec, catering specialist Leo Express

To make the menu as varied as possible, passengers will find not only Czech classics but also fried rice, a popular part of Eastern and South Asian cuisine. Also new are Bánh mì baguettes, sandwiches based on Vietnamese cuisine, and a pastrami sandwich. Bohemian potato soup or Frankfurt soup will keep you warm. Meatless lovers will enjoy mushroom stroganoff, vegetable ratatouille and French toast with pears. Or a breakfast burrito with eggs, beans and hash browns. 

Leo Express changes its on board menu regularly, introducing new items every three months in response to trends in the food industry. That's why it has long offered crunchy crickets with chilli and lime flavours and, more recently, a sweet version of worms with salted caramel. In total, more than 2,000 packs of these crunchy snacks have been sold. 

"In the new on board menu, we have also included photos so that customers can better visualise the product and be inspired when choosing it," explains Petr Vrabec.

Despite rising inflation, Leo Express did not increase prices, yet sales still grew 

Leo Express regularly changes the menu on board, but the prices of refreshments remain the same. Despite strong inflationary pressures, Leo Express has not increased the prices of refreshments or fares, which still start at 4.1 EUR between Prague and Ostrava. Despite this, Leo Express has seen an increase of more than five per cent in sales of onboard refreshments, which can also be paid for with leo credits. There is also a strong demand for merchandise such as lanyards and canvas bags, which Leo Express has now discounted.  

The price of breakfast at Leo Express is between 2.9 and 5.3 EUR and the price of a main meal is between 5.3 and 7.8 EUR.

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Leo Express is a private transport company providing rail and bus passenger services in Central Europe since 2012. It operates mainly on the commercial route Prague-Ostrava, but its trains also go to Košice and Krakow. The network is complemented by bus lines to Poland and Ukraine. From December 2019, Leo Express also operates regional trains in Pardubice Region, and in December 2023 it took over regional rail transport on the busiest Slovak railway line, Bratislava–Komárno. Together with its main shareholder, the Spanish National Railways Renfe, the company plans strong growth in Central Europe in the coming years, both in commercial lines and in commitment services.

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