Czech, Asian and Balkan flavors and ice cream without price increase

New spring menu at Leo Express

Prague, 14th of March 2024 - Despite inflationary pressures, which affect not only electricity and food prices, Leo Express has decided not to make on-board refreshments more expensive and to maintain the fare between Prague and Ostrava at 4,1 €. At the same time, Leo Express recorded a 70% year-on-year increase in refreshment sales. Customers will find Czech, Asian and Balkan cuisine on the new on-board menu, which Leo Express changes every three months. Customers can also order ice cream on the spring menu.  

Leo Express changes its on-board menu every three months to bring passengers new tastes and follow current trends. The new menu on board Leo Express is a combination of typical Czech and exotic dishes. "As always, we focus on quality, freshness and an attractive seasonal offer. In the new spring menu we have combined a little bit of Asia, a little bit of the Czech Republic and a little bit of the Balkans. Thanks to the wide range of flavors, main dishes and snacks, there is something for everyone. The new menu also includes products that we have created together with our suppliers and that are tailor-made for our passengers. For example, two new baguettes, a fine sparkling refreshing Leo&Secco wine or an oLeo puff pastry filled with cream filling in Leo Express brand colors," says Petr Vrabec, catering specialist at Leo Express. 

Snacks, main dishes and desserts

The new on-board offer includes crispy pizzata in salami or quatro formaggi flavours. Small travellers and their parents will appreciate the fruit gummies without added sugar or the date bar with coconut flavour. Or salty corn chips, beef jerky or crunchy crickets and worms. 

Asian cuisine is traditionally represented among the main dishes. These include Indian butter chicken, fried rice with chicken or the popular sushi. There is also cevapcici with roasted potatoes, and plant lovers can try the Mediterranean vegetable mix with sweet potatoes and dried bananas. The new menu also includes two soups, this time beef broth with liver dumplings and tomato soup with basil. 

The weather is always right for ice cream, which is why the airline has already included it in its spring menu. The menu includes ice cream in the colors of the Czech tricolor: vegan strawberry sorbet, banana with chocolate or blue ice cream colored with spirulina. New desserts include cheesecake with sour cherries, puff pastry with strawberries, and white chocolate and raspberry tartlet. They are best served with freshly roasted L'OR coffee. 

Contact for media 

Emil Sedlařík, phone: +420 773 740 512, E-mail: [email protected]

Leo Express is a private transport company providing rail and bus passenger services in Central Europe since 2012. It operates mainly on the commercial route Prague-Ostrava, but its trains also go to Košice and Krakow. The network is complemented by bus lines to Poland and Ukraine. From December 2019, Leo Express also operates regional trains in Pardubice Region, and in December 2023 it took over regional rail transport on the busiest Slovak railway line, Bratislava–Komárno. Together with its main shareholder, the Spanish National Railways Renfe, the company plans strong growth in Central Europe in the coming years, both in commercial lines and in commitment services.

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