Guaranteed Air Conditioning

Comfortable temperature or refund

The Guaranteed Air Conditioning service has ended, but you can still count on us
The Guaranteed Air Conditioning will no longer be available on connections departing from 1 September 2023

Our air conditioning works

An air conditioned train in the summer is like an oasis in the desert. That's why we guarantee air conditioning on all our long-distance trains until the end of August. Otherwise, we will refund 100% of the ticket price in leo credits.

Traveling in the summer? No worries.

Air Conditioning For All

We automatically adjust the intensity of the air conditioning to the outside temperature, so you are not exposed to temperature shocks. Don't expect any sweaty T-shirts.

100% Ticket Price Refund

Members of the Smile Club loyalty program are entitled to a refund of 100% of the ticket price in leo credits if the air conditioning does not work.

Refreshing Menu

Looking for another way to cool off during your ride? Try the new products in our summer menu - we now offer popular chilled cocktails or delicious ice creams.

Refreshment for loyalty

Members of our Smile Club loyalty programme will now receive a free chilled Mazagrande with their refreshment order. Fancy one too? Registration is free and takes just a few seconds.

Users who are members of our Smile Club loyalty program will receive 100% of the ticket price in leo credits if the air conditioning does not work. If you would like to take advantage of this offer and are not a Smile Club member, you can create an account for free. A ticket with the Guaranteed Air Conditioning and the associated Guaranteed Air Conditioning Bonus must be purchased by a registered user, otherwise the extra credit will not be granted.

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