A Dream Come True

Jiří Štencl has loved travelling ever since his childhood. Becoming a car attendant was a dream come true. But his love for trains goes beyond his job at Leo Express. He is interested in high-speed trains which he takes pleasure in during his international adventures.

Key qualities

What are the skills a good car attendant cannot do without? Given his responsibility for boarding and the transport conditions of the passengers, a host must be forthcoming, thoughtful and able to communicate with foreigners, but also assertive and able to take strict measures when needed.

Key qualities

I learned to be diplomatic and keep a distance from the reactions of other people. Sometimes you need to tolerate things and keep calm.

Jiří Štencl, car attendant of Leo Express

Eco-friendly travel

Car attendants have recently seen an increase in environmentally considerate behaviour among the clients. Many people bring their own cups, which cuts the consumption of plastic products. “I always ask about their need for sugar or milk to prevent unnecessary waste,” says Jiří. 

Green travel on black trains >

Eco-friendly travel

Happy when traveling

Jiří is aware of his “professional deformation” during his private journeys – and he likes it. He keeps an eye on everything to do with transport, he keeps statistics and compares things. He often travels by plane and high-speed trains. “I am happy at work thanks to the excellent team. All my colleagues, attendants, drivers, and crew managers are my friends. I would not trade it for anything,” says one of the most experienced and truly enthusiastic Leo Express car attendants. 

Happy when traveling

Text: Renata Kučerová

Pictures: Juraj Michalka

You can find the whole article in the winter issue of the Leo Express magazine

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