Accounting a Bore? Do not Trust the Tale!

Now with Leo Express for six months, the company’s Accounting Manager Čeněk Kadaně is a strong-minded admirer of Tomáš Baťa, and a keen athlete. A man who dispels the myths about boring accounting.

The road to the Rail

Born in the Šumava mountains, Čeněk Kadaně started his career as a factory accountant. Determined to develop, he frequently changed jobs to learn new things. “One has to study, learn about new technologies and new processes, simply keep going forward regardless of your age,” he expresses his creed. He sticks to it in his role of Leo Express’s Accounting Manager which he has held since October 2022.

I would say that in reality, it is largely about simple arithmetic.

🧡 I love Diversity

“Sport and reading” is his answer to the question about his hobbies. “I am a keen runner, I go to the gym, and I like boxing. When it comes to reading, I like books that help me develop. Tomáš Baťa is a great source of inspiration for me. His business principles still work after so many years, that is admirable. And I like new inventions and technologies,” he says. Logically, we asked about his view on the future role of artificial intelligence in accounting. Perhaps surprisingly for outsiders, he sees AI and accounting as complementary worlds. “I am very hopeful about it.

The first AI project in our company was the distribution of QR code scanners. And I believe that other projects will follow. But if you are asking whether AI will take accountants’ jobs, then I do not think so. The work will change. Accountants might stop entering invoice data manually, and just check the reports instead, as you can see in Japan or Korea even today.” Čeněk Kadaně is confident about the future.

Text: Petr Manuel Ulrych
Photo: archiv of Čeněk Kadaně
The whole article is to be found in magazine of Leo Express

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