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Together with you, we supported another green project this year. Thanks to your contributions to offset your carbon footprint, we financed the planting of a linden avenue in the village of Jeneč, which contributed to the beautification of the surroundings and increased biodiversity.

Linden Alley

In the second week of November, we held our third tree planting, funded by your donations to offset your carbon footprint! Once again, you voted for the winning project on our Facebook page. Together we sent a total of 3583 € to plant 30 linden trees in the village of Jeneč in the Central Bohemian Region. 

Linden Alley

Improvement of the Village Environment

The planted linden trees will help improve the climate in the area near the halls and fields, where there is little green space. Another challenge for the village is the Václav Havel Airport, whose runway is about a kilometer away. Based on expert knowledge, the total amount of CO2 emissions captured by this planting has been quantified at 121.4 tons of CO2. 

Improvement of the Village Environment

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