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To demonstrate the current state of development of major language models, we let Chat GPT-4 write a short story. It was then translated by the DeepL app, and illustrated by one of the models included in the Vaibe.ai service. You can judge for yourself whether writers, translators, and illustrators should look for new jobs. Our editorial team remains assured…

Story assignment

Write a 2000-character short story on the topic „Two young introverts meet on a Leo Express train from Prague to Ostrava“. Try to imitate the style of Michal Viewegh. The text should have a surprising twist and an unexpected ending.

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Story assignment

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📙 Travelling with an alter ego

In one of the carriages of the Leo Express train from Prague to Ostrava sat Jakub, an introverted literature student, reading a book. The train was almost full, the passengers were comfortably seated in their seats. A girl sat nearby. Her name was Anna, she was a psychology student, and she was as introverted as Jakub. She sat, intently watching her cell phone, and seemed to be in a world of her own.James couldn‘t help but notice her. She was different. Not only beautiful, but he saw a curiosity and depth in her eyes that fascinated him. He decided to approach her, which was something incredibly brave for him to do.He stood up and walked over to her. „Excuse me, do you happen to read Viewegh?“ He asked with nervousness in his voice.She looked at him in surprise. „Yes,“ she smiled. „How did you guess that?“He pointed to his book. „I‘m  reading Viewegh, too. His books  are amazing, aren‘t they?“James and Anna began discussing Viewegh‘s books and life. They were as close as only introverts can be-without superficial platitudes and with deep thoughts.

A strange turn of events came when Anna said, „You know, I study psychology and I recently did an analysis of Viewegh‘s work. I found out that some of his characters are actually his alter egos, and through them he deals with his own demons."Jakub was surprised, but curious. „What about you?“ He asked. „Do you have an alter ego?“Anna laughed, „Yes, I‘m actually the main character of my bachelor thesis. I analyze sa-ma myself and my introverted tendencies through literary characters.“Suddenly, there was an unexpected twist in their conversation.„You know,“ said Anna, „my BA is actually about this moment. About two introverts meeting on the Leo Express train from Prague to Ostrava.“Jakub was puzzled. „What? Are you serious?“„Yes,“ Anna smiled mysteriously. „Everything is written according to reality.“At that moment, Jacob realized that he had not only met a beautiful girl, but  also the main character of his own life story.

Text: Petr Manuel Ulrych a GPT-4
Ilustrace: Vaibe.ai
Foto: Shutterstock.com
The whole artcile is to be found in
magazine of Leo Express

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