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More and more often, you can see the name Renfe in connection with Leo Express. This is our important strategic partner with whom we want to develop further on the Czech and European passenger rail market. We would therefore like to in-troduce Renfe and our joint plans.

The Future Is Train

Renfe is a leader in passenger and freight rail transportation and a benchmark for mobility in Spain. It operates a network of high-speed trains throughout Spain, serving the largest high-speed network in Europe (over 3,000 km) and the second largest in the world after China. Its mission is to provide safe, efficient, high-quality transportation that meets the needs and demands of its customers. With 5,000 trains running every day in Spain, more than 500 million passengers per year, almost 15,000 employees and excellent punctuality, quality and satisfaction indicators, Renfe is working to make the train a major player in mobility in Spain, while expanding its services beyond its borders. In partnership with us, Renfe intends to enter other European markets. Renfe owns half of Leo Express. 

🤝 Strong Partnership

„Renfe proudly acts as strategic partner of Leo Express. As the main shareholder of the company since late 2021, Renfe is willing to unconditionally support Leo Express in its consolidation in the Czech market, as well as its expansion in Central Europe booming railway market. Renfe and Leo Express’ one is a clear win-win relationship, through which both state-owned and private operators seek to foster their synergies and learn from each other’s strengths to optimize their operations in their respective markets. Renfe believes in Leo Express’ high potential to become a key player in the near future Czech high-speed network, in the light of Czech Republic’s promising current plans," claims Mr. Manel Villalante I Llauradó, President of Leo Express and General Director of Development and Strategy of Renfe Operadora.

Opportunity To Grow

For Renfe, joining Leo Express represents a strategic business opportunity as part of its internationalization process. It allows it to operate in three other European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) and to have the resources and licenses to access the German market. In addition, by joining Leo Express, Renfe will be able to bid for public service contracts in all these countries and benefit from the local implementation, experience, equipment and references that Leo Express already has.

Text: Leo Express
Photo: Leo Express
The whole article can be found in the summer issue of the
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