Feminine Element - The New Leo Express Magazine

Welcome to the summer issue of Leo Express Magazine, which we have decided to dedicate to women. For example, we will talk to women in professions that are generally perceived as more masculine.

The Main Capital of Leo Express? Human Resources!

The female element will also appear in the traditional interviews, as we will introduce our HR director Veronika Stránská or graphic designer and illustrator Katarina Kratochvílová, who is the author of our cartoon guide named Lea. We have also prepared tips for summer trips (not only) by train, together we will go to castles and chateaus in the Ostrava region.

The Main Capital of Leo Express? Human Resources!

Favorite connections

Together on The Rails

We would also like to introduce you to our strategic partner Renfe, the Spanish Royal Railways, alongside whom we want to continue to develop on the Czech and European passenger rail market. That is why we would like to present Renfe and our joint plans to you.

Do you like our magazine? Do you have suggestions for improvements or tips on what we should write about? Write to the editors at [email protected]

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