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Water. Something Central Europeans take for granted. It takes up 71% of the Earth’s surface. BUT! There is 96.5% of seawater and only 3.5% of freshwater. And of that, only 0.5 % is fi t to be drunk. The value of water is immense and water conservation makes sense.

What is our consumption of water?

Estimates and calculations of average daily consumption per capita in the Czech Republic range between 100–120 litres. Of that, only 5–10 litres are essential for our survival – for food and drink. If we consider the water needed for showers and baths, toilet flushing or laundry, the bathroom and toilet consumption accounts for up to 70%. Average daily consumption of water per capita in Prague, Czech Republic was 113 litres in 2021. 

What is our consumption of water?

Water footprint

The water footprint of animal foods is five to ten times higher than that of vegetable foods, because it includes the water footprint of plants that were fed to the animal. One kilogram of potatoes needs about 290 litres of water, while 1 kg of bananas needs 790 l; 1 kg of beef = 15,400 l. One of the “top” ranks is occupied by chocolate. The production of 1 kg requires over 17,000 litres of water. 

Ecological footprint of traveling >

Water footprint

💧 No life without water

Everybody can do their tiny bit for the planet. You can start with minor changes. Do not let water run while you brush your teeth. Take a shower instead of having a bath. And keep the time of your shower under 5 minutes. Cutting your showering time by two minutes will save you up to 600 litres a month. Install a water-saving shower head and a lever or thermostatic tap. Check your taps to make sure they do not leak. If you have a family house, or a cottage or just a garden, you should make use of rain water. You can use it not only to water your plants, but also for washing or flushing toilets.

Nature and drought

In the last decade, the Czech Republic had to deal with the effects of intense drought. There are dozens of projects which aim to enrich the landscape with wetlands, marshes, meres, ponds, streams or natural rivers. The last day in May is traditionally the Spring Opening. Take your family to the woods to clean at least one natural spring. We can prevent water from disappearing from our landscape. Everyone can join in and contribute. Will you?     

Nature and drought

Text: Marek Hubač
The whole article can be found in the summer issue of the Leo Express Magazine

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