Head to the stars with the new Leo Express magazine

The summer magazine will give you travel tips, teach you something about the breathtaking night sky, learn something about space and you will also receive an extra dose of inspiration.

Starring space

Thanks to space conquest, you can embark on a journey with navigation, watch the weather in your destination and then post photos on Instagram from your vacation. In the magazine, let's take a look at how we got there, what we do in it today and what awaits us. And let's talk about what you should definitely recognize in the summer night sky.

Starring space

Favorite connections

Tips for trips

We are all looking forward to summer trips, and that is why we have a selection of the most interesting places all over the Czech Republic for you. We will also go abroad to Košice, Slovakia, which is more interesting than it seems. And you will also shorten your trip thanks to an extra large dose of inspiring articles about three Czechs, whose names you should definitely know.

Do you like our magazine? Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Do you have some ideas about what we should write about? Write to the editors at [email protected]

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