Icy refreshment

This year you can refresh yourself with ice cream from the Benešov Ice Cream Factory on board of our trains. They are full of juicy fruit and contain no unnecessary colourings or flavourings. You can enjoy popsicles covered in velvety chocolate and fruit cups.

Refreshing ride

hSweeten your train ride with ice cream from the Benešov Ice Cream Factory, where they have been making ice cream for many years and turning the dream of perfect ice cream into reality. Whether you like purely fruity flavours or prefer a combination with chocolate, you will surely find your choice here.

Refreshing ride

Real taste

All ice creams contain only fruit, water, sugar and fibre, no artificial flavours, colours or aromas. You can try them all during your summer travels!

🥭 Mango & Maracuja Popsicle in Dark Chocolate

🍒 Sour Cherry & Strawberry Popsicle in Milk Chocolate

🍇 Black Currant Popsicle in White Chocolate

🥭 Mango & Maracuja Tub

🍒 Sour Cherry & Strawberry Tub

🍇 Rigoletto Panna Cotta and Raspberries

Real taste

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