Interview with David Moravec

You cannot escape the clip when watching ice hockey championships. David Moravec scores in the 11th minute of the overtime in the 2001 finals against Finland. The score is 3:2, and the commentator Robert Záruba shouts: “Welcome, golden hattrick!” The Czech team won the third championship in a row, and rounded off the most successful period in the history of Czech ice hockey.

What comes to mind when people speak about ice hockey championships? Is it the 2001 golden goal?
I think so. That was the strongest moment, and my biggest success in the Czech team. I was very lucky to be a part of the Golden Generation. I am very grateful. 

You played at five world championships. What is your best memory – your first start in 1997, your first championship goal a year later, or the 2001 golden goal?
Certainly the golden championship in Germany in 2001. We won it, and I contributed the decisive goal in the finals against Finland.     

Can you still remember what led to your Golden Hattrick goal after the twenty-three years?
Patýz (Pavel Patera) gave me a splendid pass. I went alone, and the player behind me panicked. The goal keeper threw himself down, which made it simpler for me. I just needed to hit the half empty goal. I pulled off my gloves and started banging the plexiglass like mad. It was sheer luck. And a whole lot of it.

I believe there will be a medal, but they have to face every match with prudence and respect for the opponent.

David Moravec

Now you are a coach of the junior team in Poruba and an assistant coach with the U17 national team, but you are also the Czech TV hockey expert. How do you like the new role?
It allows me to stay updated. I can see the ELH (national league) from a different angle, not only as a fan. But I am just a cogwheel in the system. And I hope it is not too bad to listen to. 

You also tried to coach the male team in Poruba. Do you aspire to lead an ELH team one day? 
Karel Suchánek and I were literally thrown into it with only three matches left in the regular season. They fired the coach and told us: “Do something!” We made it, but I’ve never wanted to do it this way. I have the ambition, but I want to go step by step. 

Two years ago, the national team won a medal after a whole decade. They brought home a bronze from Tampere. The junior team has been successful too, with a silver and a bronze at the last two tournaments. Is Czech hockey back on the sunny side?
It looks like it, but we must not rest on our laurels. We have seen the giant gap after Nagano, and there have been no changes to the system so far. The bad times may not be over. The hockey association should reconsider the conditions for players, coaches and other professionals who bring up new players. And they should demand high quality work and commitment in return. 

TEXT: Jiří Tomaškovič
PHOTO: Michal Beránek a Pavel Mazáč / Deník Sport
The whole article is to be found in the spring issue of the 
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