Leo Express’s Crucial Capital? Human Resources!

As the company’s HR manager, Veronika Stránská takes care of over two hundred Leo Express employees in the Czech Republic. After our expansion to Slovakia, she is also responsible for the recruitment of a hundred new colleagues there. She manages all that with grace and a charming smile.

The Road to the Rail

Before Veronika took the position of the Leo Express HR manager, she spent many years doing business in wholesale and retail, and then nine years in the company managing hospitals in the Pardubice region where she was responsible for five payroll departments, as well as some HR processes. When she needed a change, she replied to a Leo Express job ad. Her education and experience made her the perfect candidate. From this January, she has been the Leo Express HR manager.   

We do our best to make people like their work. And I would say that it works.

🧡 I Love Diversity

Veronika and her colleagues cannot complain about not having much to do. They take full care of over 200 permanent employees – from recruitment, training and regular HR administration to settling the administrative issues with those who leave the company. 

When asked what she likes about her current job, Veronika immediately replies: “Working with people. It is wonderfully diverse; every person is different and I have to treat them individually. I love that.” The biggest challenge that she faces in her job is the development of the system of benefits, which includes not only food vouchers and similar tools, but also flexible working hours, home office, pension benefits, etc. Now, she will also need to manage about one hundred of new colleagues for the Slovak branch of the company because Leo Express won the competition for the new regional carrier on the Bratislava-Komárno line. 

As a mother of three, she has to manage her free time very carefully. She mostly spends it with her family and dogs. Veronika and her husband are boxer dog breeders. “I cannot imagine my life without sport. I go to the gym every day. That is a great way to relax for me. I also like reading and learning new things. Whenever I have time in the evening, I take a book and read basically anything at hand,” says Veronika. 

Text: Petr Manuel Ulrych
Photo: Leo Express and Veronika Stránská
The whole article can be found in the summer issue of the Leo Express magazine

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