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Welcome to the spring issue of our magazine. We have truly played with this one, as games and plays are its main topic. And no wonder; May will bring the most important local sports event of this year – the Ice Hockey World Championship.

Ice Hockey Capitals

We have explored the sites of the tournament – Prague and Ostrava – and we have several tips what to do in the towns before or after the matches. The Nagano Olympic champion David Moravec will speak about the historical moments of Czech hockey, as well as its present. 

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Ice Hockey Capitals

So Many Countries, So Many Games

We have asked a psychologist about how games influence our perceptions, decisions, or social interactions. And if you are keen on computer games, be sure to read our article about this multibillion industry. We will explore the history, as well as the current trends, to understand how simple pixelized adventures developed into a cultural phenomenon.

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