Mojmír Kotas and his Life on the Rails

Some kids dream about working in railways, and some people work hard to make the dream come true. For Mojmír Kotas, however, it was all a matter of coincidence. Having graduated in garden architecture, he worked for several years as a creative manager in several communication agencies. One year ago, he had no idea that he would join the Leo Express commercial team. But he does not regret it!

Promotion And Partnerships

Mojmír can say that he has spent a good part of his life on the railways. “I went to a secondary school in Znojmo when I was fifteen. I would travel there every week by train." Later, he married and moved with his family to Studénka where he worked in advertising. The next step took him to media; he sold advertising time and space. 

Today, he is responsible not only for the sales of advertising space in Leo Express magazine, onboard LED screens and other LE media, but also for managing our corporate clients and ticket dealers. A key account manager’s work is not only very varied, but also nomadic – one day you will see Mojmír in his Bohumín office, the next day in the Prague headquarters, and the day after he will talk to you from his home office in Studénka.    

You have to be perfectly prepared right from the very start, because the client might never give you another chance.

Mojmír Kotas, key account manager

Love for Ice Hockey

The biggest challenge is the recruitment of new ticket dealers. “It is an exacting task. You have to find them, address them, negotiate and close the contract, and then train them and explain the workings of the sales application. And of course, you have to continue to provide support at any time required and deal with all possible issues."

And how does he spend his free time? For years, he would devote every moment of leisure to ice hockey. A holder of the “A” coach licence, he coached young hockey players. He was even in charge of a junior ELH team – and rather successful; his charges from the Moravia-Silesia region were in the victorious team at the 2020 Youth Olympics. But Mojmír has moved on, and now he dedicates his free time and spare energy to a seemingly foolish project: next to his house in Studénka, he planted some five dozen plants of Muscaris grape vine, effectively founding one of the northernmost vineyards in the Czech Republic.   

TEXT: Petr Manuel Ulrych
PHOTO: archive of Mojmír Kotas
The whole article is to be found in the spring issue of the 
Leo Express magazine 

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