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Welcome to the winter issue of Leo Express Magazine, in which we take a look at the various rituals that are still part of our daily routines, families and societies. Although rituals function as certain symbols of security, they are slowly disappearing from our daily lives.

Stimulating Vapours

Rituals can be found in places you wouldn't expect. The sauna, for example. We'll look at its history, health benefits, and even today's popular sauna rituals. Do you know what it takes to become a sauna master? We'll let you know where you can take our trains for wellness and spa treatments.

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Stimulating Vapours

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Walk with us through some of Prague's unique residential districts and get to know the metropolis from a completely new perspective. You can take them as illustrative architectural textbooks or as unconventional tourist destinations. We'll also talk about destinations with Slovak traveler Marek Slobodnik, who shares his adventurous journey home from India by all means of transportation.

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