Symbols of our home

Does your family keep traditions? Even just a minor habit, like having a family pic-nic on the first day of the summer holidays. Believe it or not, you too contribute to our national cultural heritage.

God's gift

All the devils and Jacks in Czech fairy tales know that the most precious thing in the world is bread. In the past, villages had common bread furnaces because many families could not afford to build their own. Housewives from the village would gather at the furnace with risen dough and bake their loaves together. Public bread baking can be still seen, for instance, in Štolmíř near Český Brod.

God's gift

Favorite connections

🥧 Round delicacy

Do you have a sweet tooth? Czechia is proud of its traditional sweet pastry – koláče. There are numerous kinds – folded koláč, grids, “double-virtue” with two kinds of filling, Prague koláč, Wallachian frgál, Choceň koláč and dozens more. They are a must for the festive table on many occasions, such as village festivals or weddings. In the past, koláč carried important symbolic values. Giving somebody a koláč was a way of affirming a promise, eating a koláč together was a sign of alliance. The history of this round delicacy goes back some 200 years. Although the original meanings are now gone, the village of Albrechtice near Bruntál still organises annual koláč feasts which weld together neighbours from near and far, even the other side of the Polish border.

Dressed up heritage

Different strokes for different folks, and also different costumes. Traditional costumes, typical especially of villages, became standardized roughly from the 17th century. If you want to learn more about traditional costumes, visit the School of Traditional Handicraft in Blatnička near Uherské Hradiště to find out all about the history of costumes in the Slovácko region and watch the making itself in a small workshop. To learn more about the Wallachian traditional costume, visit the Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

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Dressed up heritage

Text: Lucie Bezoušková
Photo: Shutterstock.com
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