Ticket Office Assistant Must be a Bit of a Psychologist

For ten years now, you could see her at our ticket office at Prague Main Station. Monika Struppelová will sell you your ticket, look up information and offer refreshment. And if it has not been your day, she will certainly lift your spirits with her sweet smile.

Once a book seller, she decided to start a new career with our company in 2012. That means that she has been with us from the very beginning. “I liked my work at the bookstore, but this is in my genes. My mom has worked on the railways all her life, so it is no wonder I was drawn to trains, too,” says Monika. In fact, she did not need to give up what she liked the most about her previous job – working with people. Monika also appreciates the diversity of her work. “Besides tickets we also sell drinks, convey information, we even take the passengers to their train if needed; and then there is a lot of ordinary office work and some cleaning in the evening,” she explains.

Over the years, I got to know some of our regular passengers. We talk not only about where they are heading, but also about what is new in their lives.

Communication is the key 🗣

A good ticket office assistant must be a bit of a psychologist, she says. “When the customer is not in a good mood, I try to raise their spirits.” Monika understands that she must be ready to communicate well even in unexpected situations. “Train delays can be distressing for passengers, which is then reflected in their communication. But it is great to make someone who came in cursing and frowning leave perfectly composed,” says Monika. Like all her colleagues, she had to undertake an emergency communication course, the same as, for instance, flight attendants. A good ticket office assistant must be able to communicate with foreigners, to prevent “lost in translation” from becoming “lost on the railways”.

Text: Petr Manuel Ulrych
Photos: archiv Leo Express
The whole article can be found in the spring issue of the 
Leo Express magazine.

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