Trains like clockwork

Reputed for their reliability, Leo Express trains are among the most modern on Czech railways. The man who knows all the train lines like the back of his hand and takes responsibility for your safe journeys is Leo Express CTO Milan Smolek.

The path to a dream job

Had he followed his childhood dream, he might have become a chef and work at a posh restaurant. But he was also very fond of the quickly developing technologies. He studied electronics at secondary school and continued to study electrical technology at university. The core of his work is repair, maintenance and reconstruction of rail vehicles. “When the Leo Express owner presented his vision of a new railway carrier nine years ago, I accepted the off er without hesitation,” says Milan. He has watched the development of the company with enthusiasm. “I can remember the challenging beginnings with a small team and limited opportunities. It makes me value the way we now safely transport hundreds of thousands of people across the region, including neighbouring countries, and succeed in public transport competitions.” Milan’s enthusiasm is boosted by his excellent team. “I am surrounded by professionals who know what to do in any circumstances.  Everything goes like a clockwork."

The path to a dream job

All cogs must fit in to ensure safe travelling.

Safety first 👷‍♂️

Generally speaking, everything that contains the root ‘tech’,” he says with a smile. “Strategic decisions in the area of technology, technical inspections of the vehicles, managing the teams of technicians and their regular training. I am in charge of the company’s fl eet and facilities. I take care of the inspections and compliance issues.” Overhauls are a great challenge, especially in terms of planning. “The Stadler Flirt units are being overhauled at the moment. We have to check all the air components. And a general overhaul of underframes is being planned,” he says. All this is needed to get you safely from point A to point B. You can rely on the modern high-quality safety systems in our trains which largely eliminate possible human errors of the driver. 

Text: Renata Kučerová
Photo: archive of Milana Smolka
You can find the whole article in the winter edition of the
Leo Express magazine

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