We planted more trees, thanks to you!

Green travel makes sense! Thanks to your contributions to the carbon footprint offset, we were able to finance the planting of trees in the village of Beňov.

Common success

In the second week of November, already the second tree planting took place, which we financed thanks to your contributions to the carbon footprint offset! This time you voted for the winning project on our Facebook. In cooperation with our partner CI2, o.p.s. we sent a total of CZK 78,460 for the planting of 45 pears in the village of Beňov in the Olomouc Region.

Common success

We plant the future

The planting of the alley will create a new element of the territorial system of ecological stability, which will contribute to the improvement of ecological functions of the landscape and greater biodiversity of the locality. Based on expert knowledge, the total amount of captured CO2 emissions within this planting was calculated at 86.67 tons of CO2. You can read more information about planting on the website of the Beňov village.

We plant the future

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