The Magic of the Polish North...

...where the history of the salt water of the Baltic is mixed. Long walks along beautiful romantic beaches, which do not dazzle wildness, salt-saturated air, traces of distant and modern history. This is all hidden in the north of Poland – Trojans: Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, places not yet overly explored by tourists

If you are searching a map with your finger and thinking about where to go for your next trip, then try something new, something undiscovered. Northern Poland will be an ideal choice. In summer Leo Express launched a new bus line that takes you right the region in comfort. All you have to do is choose where exactly you want to go. There are several options that are bound to please everyone.

The Charm of the Unknown

Perhaps you have not heard of it and that is definitely a mistake. Tricity is used to refer to the cities of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Together they form a conurbanation of more than 750,000 inhabitants, certainly worth visiting. 

Start in Gdansk, whose history reaches far back to the 7th century. Walk through the historic centre, admire the beautiful colourful facades of the burgher houses – the steps (and crowds of tourists) will lead you safely to the main square, Long Market, where you cannot miss several historical and architectural gems. Neptune’s Fountain, the town hall with its chimes (try and guess how many bells conjure up the beautiful melody Ode to Joy each hour) and the breathtaking Church of our Lady built from red brick. Do not forget to visit the harbour, take in the salty air, watch the ships glide the waves and buy some amber, a typical souvenir from the region, at one of the dozens of shops.

Building No. 53

From Gdansk head to the city of Sopot, the smallest of the Tricity. It only takes a short while to get there. Sopot boasts the longest wooden pier in Europe, measuring more than half kilometre. The pedestrian zone, Monte Cassino Heroes Street, is just a little bit longer and offers countless cafes, patisseries, bars and restaurants, and the hustle and bustle of tourism. You do not have to look for too long and do not worry, you will definitely not miss them. The crooked house (which fits its title faithfully) is the target of all tourists, simply because you cannot leave without a photo of it. However, it is not a historical gem since it was completed in 2004. Apart from various exhibitions, visits to the beauty salon or dentist, you can also catch up with shopping in Sopot.  

The Charm of Casualness 

And what should you do when you get tired of walking through the historic centre and the long busy streets? We recommend the third of the northern cities. Gdynia is an important port and the perfect place to gather your strength with something sweet while relaxing on a sandy beach, visiting one of the several museums, which are based directly in one of the anchored boats or enjoy one of the countless cultural events – choose from a film or music festival.  

Autor: Kateřina Veitová

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