The diversity of Liptov

Everybody admire big cities today, but few know what secrets the smaller ones are hiding. Enjoy a little different holiday and head to the centre of the Liptov basin at the foot of the Low the Western Tatras to the town of history, sport and nature - to Liptovský Mikuláš.

Did you know that settlement of this area was dated back to the Stone Age? Liptovský Mikuláš breathes with the atmosphere of history. Both the Celts and Slav left behind permanent records of their lives. Fortified fortifications, bronze products and extensive burial grounds remain as reminders. However, permanent settlement of this area is associated with the arrival of the Slavic tribes in the 9th century AD. Therefore, it is possible to assume that Liptov belonged to the peripheries of Great Moravia.  

Whether you're an enthusiast of history, sport or just want to relax a bit - you've come to the right place. How about spending the afternoon in thermal pools in the largest waterpark in Central Europe?

City landmark 

The Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas was the foundation of everything. A whole city grew around it. It is the oldest building monument in the city and the largest early Gothic building in the whole of Liptov. It was built for residents of nearby villages and today it dominates the southern side of the city’s main square. Over the years, it has undergone many modifications, but three Gothic altars have been preserved in the interior of the church. The main altar of St. Nicholas, the Virgin Mary and the altar of the Corpus Christi. Only the altar of the Virgin Mary, which was built between 1470 and 1480, remains in its original condition. You can also use the audio guide to visit the church.

Unrivalled nature

Not only is the area full of sights to admire, but nature will not disappoint you either. What's more, you will be enchanted by the mountain landscape, where you can take day trips and mountain hikes. Whatever direction you choose to head in, you will not regret it. The local landscape will satisfy every hiking enthusiast. You can choose paths in terms of both difficulty and length. For example, Háj Nicovô Hill is located less than four kilometres from the city centre and offers you a view of the picturesque town, the Liptovská Mara reservoir, the massive mountains of the Low and Western Tatras and the wooded Chočské vrchy. And when the city falls into the silence of the night, you can enjoy the view of the illuminated Church of St. Nicholas from the top and experience a completely different dimension of romance. If you do not want to walk a few miles on foot, use the car and park it in the parking lot under the hill. The beautiful landscape also hides its secrets. Did you know that the greatest battles in Czechoslovakia during the Second World War took place here on this hill? The period on the hill is remembered by a memorial. 

On horseback

If you do not want to tread on snow-covered trails in winter, but you crave some sport, you have options. You can enjoy a wide range of sports activities in the city such as squash, tennis, bowling, wall climbing... Horse riding is also available for animal lovers. The riding club also offers a chance for beginners. In the Liptov Valley you can admire the surrounding scenery from horse saddle. And that's the best view in the world, right? Or you can just enjoy the pastures, while your kids will want to take a pony home. Even the more adventurous at heart will not be bored in Liptovský Mikuláš. Is it raining or cold outside? It does not matter. You have definitely heard of Laser Tag - a fun laser shooting game in a labyrinth. A game that will entertain the whole family! And if you want to reward yourself after a busy day, visit the local delicious cafes and perhaps even the indoor pool in the city centre. The salt cave and sauna will be just the perfect ending to your day.

Big brother

Four kilometers from the city you will find one of the largest waterparks in Central Europe. A trip for the whole family that will entertain you all day. Tatralandia waterpark uses water from thermal boreholes and offers swimming in more than twenty pools on an area of fourteen hectares. Of course there are water slides, geysers, slides and many other attractions - like a dream for children. And for you the sauna world and Wellness Paradise complex will be heavenly. The rope park and the multifunctional hall of the Liptov Arena, where cultural, social and sporting events are held, are also in close proximity.

Autor: Linda Pacourková

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