The Immortal Phoenix

Just like the mythical bird, the capital of Poland rose from ashes. While the Phoenix has done it repeatedly, Warsaw has only had to do it once. Fortunately. During the Second World War, the city was heavily bombarded and it was at that time that the Polish nation proved unbreakable. Indeed, as in all its history.

Forever Undefeated

It is not in vain that we find the Latin motto Semper Invicta, Forever Undefeated in the city coat-of-arms. Germany began to systematically destroy Warsaw from October 1944, when a two-month uprising ended, symbolizing resistance against the Nazis. Literally the entire city was bombed, house by house.

Forever Undefeated

New Warsaw

It was at that time that the Polish people united and built a brand new city on the ruins following the pattern of the old, historical one. For example, the Old Town district is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Warsaw has the ambition to be a true metropolis of Central and Eastern Europe. And it is doing well!

New Warsaw

What to do in the evening?

To Praga for Polish Vodka

It is a paradox, but it is true, one of Warsaw’s oldest and most charming neighbourhoods is called Praga. A place that you should not miss here at any cost is the former vodka factory. The Centre of Praga Koneser – a museum where you can find out all about this Polish national spirit – is located there.

Night life

Obviously, after visiting the Vodka Museum, one can be a little excited. Daylight is slowly hiding behind the horizon of the city and the nightlife becomes active. One of the most famous destinations for the locals is Butulek Warehouse bar (bottle warehouse). As the name suggests, there is no shortage of cold beer or delicious wine.

Champagne of the Agent 007

You will find it in Bubbles Restaurant, on 9 Pilsudkiego Street. The local restaurant is the only one in Poland specializing in genuine champagne and other sparkling wines. Some of them, such as the popular agent 007 James Bond´s Bollinger. It costs 2,450 Polish zloty per bottle. But do not despair, there are also other quality wines available for a reasonable price.

Hated, Yet Exceptional

It is hard to write about Warsaw without mentioning the architectural gem that the Soviet people proudly donated to the Polish people as a gift of reconciliation for the injustices caused during World War II. At 237 metres, the Palace of Culture and Science is the second highest clock tower in the world. It surpasses the dial face of the world famous Big Ben.

Hated, Yet Exceptional

text: Adam Mašek

you can find the whole article in the autumn issue of the Leo Express magazine

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