Zlín - more than a shoemaker's miracle

The city, whose current appearance was based on the model of industrial cities in the United States of America. The city where the legendary Bata brand was born that conquered the world. Zlin! Learn about its shoemaker history, visit the unique zoo, or let yourself be carried away in the past.

To relax

Mu-Shin or "Out of Sense". This is the name of the largest Japanese garden in the Czech Republic. What's so special about? Nothing in it is accidental. The Japanese believe that every stone must have its clear place. Just so the energy of space flows in all directions, and you could perfectly blend in with the garden. The so-called welcome pines will greet you at the entrance. They are imported directly from Japan and these trees are about 100 years old.

The unique pavilion, which is not only one-of-a-kind in the Czech Republic. In 2014 the Zlín Zoo opened the so-called Ray Bay. An aquarium where dozens of species of cartilaginous fish related to sharks swim. Among them, for example, Siba Oman is up to 130 cm long. The first rays appeared on our planet 150 million years ago, some have been living for several decades.

To learn about history

Do you want to know how the nobility lived in the early 20th century? Visit Lešná Chateau and experience all the comforts of the time. Water supply, central heating, home telephone, spacious bathrooms and flush toilets. All that the Seilerns could afford. The chateau was completed in 1893 and offers an interesting collection of rare items of ivory, ebony or from Egyptian excavations.

In the nearby field, they say the Virgin Mary appeared to a man ploughing and devoted a miraculous statuette to him. The field was called Štípská and in Štípa, a district of Zlín, there is a church. The statuette is stored in it. The church became a place of pilgrimage allegedly at the beginning of the 11th century and attracts tourists to date. The interior features an altar with a Medieval Madonna and the tomb of Count Seilerna.

To explore

Are you interested in what the textile boots from the times of the Chinese Empire looked like? Then take the time to visit the Shoe Museum in Zlín. The permanent exhibition Bata Principle: Today fantasy, tomorrow reality, offers much more. You can look forward to a collection of ataman shoes, African sandals, or a collection of shoes from India. You can compare the shoes of the past with the present. A complete curiosity are sandals made from ostrich feathers and human hair.

A unique exposition is waiting for you in the Museum of Southeast Moravia. It was founded in 1953 as the Regional Museum. Travel lovers will surely be enchanted by the permanent exhibition of documents on the preparation of world-travellers Hanzelka and Zikmund for their dream journey around the world. Here you can also find an extensive archive of photo documentation, money or postal stamps from the countries they visited.

One of the greatest figures of shoemaking empire Jan Antonín Bata escaped before the Second World War to Brazil, where he became successful as an entrepreneur. In 1957, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but turned it down.

Are you a sports fan? Then go and see a football match. Football is experiencing a big boom in Zlín, the team of Bohumil Páník won the domestic league cup last season and even played the European League this year. 

Autor: Adam Mašek

You could read this article on the autumn on-board magazine Leo Express.

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