Student and teacher discounts

Come to school or to trips with us

Discount typeDiscount in Czech Republic
- on train or bus
- in Economy class
Cashback in leo credits
- for Smile Club members
- from any route in Economy class
Student 18 – 25 years75 %25 %Orange pupil card, ISIC (until 25 years), ISIC Scholar
Student or teacher0 %25 %ITIC, IYTC, ALIVE, Staff Card, ESNcard
Orange pupil card, ISIC or ISIC Scholar for travels outside of the Czech Republic or for students older than 25 years

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Student 18–25 years

We provide the discount to holders of the orange pupil card (for any route, not just for rides between home and school) and holders of a valid ISIC card who haven't reached 26 years yet (It is only possible to prolong the ISIC card through the validation mark, we don't accept any other form).

The 75% discount applies also for international rides from and to the Czech Republic for the Czech part of the route.

Student or teacher

This dicount applies for all holders of below stated cards who won't take advantage of the 75% discount.

Use examples:

  • I travel or any route with IYTC, ITIC, ALIVE cards, Staff card or ESNcard
  • I have an ISIC card, but I am older than 26 years
  • I have an ISIC, ISIC Scholar or an orange card and I travel on route outside of the Czech Republic: for example Bratislava - Budapest or Košice - Žilina

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