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Take advantage of the 50% discount and get an additional 25% back in leo credits after the ride. The offer is valid for all tickets in the Junior, Student and Senior fares in Economy Class and can be used on our commercial connections in the Czech Republic.

Count on Us

Express App

You can buy a ticket in the app with just a few clicks. It also gives you a complete overview of your journey and notifies you in case of delays. And it's easy to save your tickets to your Apple Wallet.

Express App

How does it work?

  1. You're a student traveling from Ostrava to Prague. Log in to your Smile Club account and select the Junior or Student fare.
  2. In the class selection, you choose Economy Class, which automatically gives you a 50% discount on your ticket. The ticket after the discount will cost, for example, 2 €.
  3. After the ride, you will receive 25% of the original ticket price (1 €) back in leo credits, which you can use to buy another ticket. So you only pay a quarter of the original price for your ticket.
How does it work?

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🤔 How to travel as cheaply as possible

Our prices are variable and change according to availability or the date and time of departure.

  • Join the Smile Club and get 25% back

  • Buy your tickets as far in advance as possible

  • The cheapest trips are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

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By logging in I agree with conditions of the loyalty program, processing of personal data and declare that I have reached the age of 16. Cancellation of tickets is only possible to leo credits.