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What do Interrail and Eurail tickets offer you

  • Interrail and Eurail tickets allow you to travel by train in 30 countries with 37 carriers. The Interrail is intended for citizens of European countries (or, as the case may be, for residents without citizenship), the Eurail ticket is intended for others.
  • You can purchase 2 types of Interrail and Eurail tickets - the Global Pass for the whole Europe and One Country Pass for one country.
  • Interrail and Eurail tickets do not limit you in mileage. You can buy them for 3 days to 3 months.

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Validity of Interrail/Eurail tickets in our trains

  • Interrail and Eurail tickets entitle you to a 100% discount on our trains. They do not apply for buses. During the ticket control the Pass and ID will be required.
  • A valid Pass for 2nd vehicle class can be used in all our trains in the Economy Class. You can find there WiFi and sockets and you can also buy snacks here.
  • A valid Pass for 1st vehicle class can be used in all of our trains in Economy Plus and Business Class. In addition to standard services (WiFi, sockets, catering) you will find there wider seats with more legroom.
  • For all our connections you need to make a reservation that is not charged. Tickets for our connections can be booked up to 3 months in advance on our website or at our ticket offices located in Prague, Olomouc and Ostrava-Svinov. The reservation will require the name and surname as well as the Interrail / Eurail ticket number.
  • Additional services (bicycle and ski transport, pick-up/drop off at address) are charged according to the valid price list.

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